30 Jun 2013

Melbourne City

This vist to Melbourne is long over due. We have been talking about coming her for too long and never actually made the effort to come here, what mistake that was.

On the day we arrived we kind of got stuck in traffic which stressed me out to the max!! So I ended up with a massive tension headache. We did go to the city the next day which was not my favourite time there. We got lost and I didn't like the city it self. We did meet up with some friends which made our first day worth while and fun. 

We returned for a second try in the city and this time kind of know our way around which made me fall in love with melbourne. First you have trams on one side then horse and carriage on the other.


Everywhere you look there is art!! On the side walk and on any wall possible to paint. I found that I would get lost in the art, message and Melbourne'ness of it all. 


Of course E and I could not leave with out doing our own graffiti on the walls. Knowing it might not be there next week we did it anyway. 

 But E took the lime light with his amazing photography skills, and yes maybe I am picking his side because he is my Husband but look for yourself....

Make sure you check out his Tumblr Here. I know I do this a lot but other need to enjoy his hobby.

For info on Melbourne if you are planning to visit here is the link.

27 Jun 2013

Giant Koala - Dadswells Bridge VIC

Dadswell's Bridge is well known as the home of the Giant Koala. Some 14 metres high, the Giant Koala was erected in 1989. About 12 Tonnes of material went into the cold caste bronze set on a steel fram and a paste of fibreglass and bronze was used to create the exterior. 

Inside the Giant Koala complex there is a souvenir shop art gallery and tourist information. The Giant Koala is on of the most photographed man made attractions in Australia.

I did it.

24 Jun 2013

Hassie Adventure - Week 7

We have come far!! I can finally say/shout/text/type we are in Tasmania!!!! AAAHHH

Oh its been so a long exiting drive to be able to say we are save, sound and freezing in Tasmania.

So last time I wrote we were in Horsham (Victoria) since then we spent 3 days in Melbourne exploring the streets and enjoying a cuppa in the dark alleyways. When we first arrived in Melbourne I had such a bad headache I from the traffic I could not bear city life, so we stayed put at the caravan park. The next day (which was a sunday) we took a tram to the city and spend half the day lost because E was navigating us into all different directions besides the one we need to be going down. W spent most of the day catching up with friends we haven't seen for a while. I personally didn't like Melbourne at first but my second day in the city it grew on me. I don't know if it was all the tea I ended up having or the actually city that made me enjoy our time there. It really is a 'hip' city. down every ally is some little hidden coffee shop or something you can enjoy wasting your time.

Our last day in Melbourne I had to drive just about thru the city to get to the harbour for our boat trip. I thought driving thru Adelaide was stress full, wait till you drive between Trams, Busses, Trucks and cars. I know it wasn't peek hour traffic but I would have like to avoid the stress of it all COMPLETELY. E said I need to relax and just drive! Well easy said than done. He isn't the one that will be driving into a Tram or maybe drive over a person.

I am pleased to announced that trams and people in Melbourne were not harmed while I was behind the wheel.

On a different note - E and I took the ferry to Tasmania, although its more like a ship. It was 11 hours on the boat. Before we actually took off it too us 2 and half ours to get our car on the boat. I can't believe it look us that long. I wanted to take pictures on top of the boat and inside but by the time we got on the boat it was already dark. Hopefully when were on our way to the 'main land' again I get the opportunity.

Docking in Tasmania, we both stopped at McDonalds (and not, its not because were addicted its because it was the only thing open at 6:30am in the morning). Thats the truth in Tasmania anyway.

We drove to Perth and stayed in Campbell Town for the night - firstly yes there is a Perth in Tasmania, very confusing and we stopped at Campbell Town because well you guys know that reason. Then the next day we drove to Hobart then slept in Hamelton. While in Hobart we actually got a parking ticket... Argh ... annoying - I think that because we have Western Australian number plates and that we drive a van - we are easy targets. Not fare!!  Well $32 later we paid it.

Well we drove 5 hours from one side of Tasmania to the other to located in Cradle Mountain. It is out of your mind beautiful here!!


  • Km driven this week: 824
  • Places of Interest: 
    1. Giant Koala
    2. Melbourne City
    3. National Art Galley (Melbourne)
    4. Spirt Of Tasmania (ferry)
    5. Perth, Tasmania
    6. Campbell Town
    7. Cradle Mountain Lodge
  • Paid Accommodation:
    1. Melbourne BIG4 Holiday Park ($54p/night)
    2. Spirit Of Tasmania ($249p/p)
    3. Hamilton Camping Facility ($5)
  • $$ Spent: $1092.15
  • Gas: 
    • Litres - 104.80
    • $ - 163.96
    • Places:
      1. Melbourne
      2. Perth
      3. Hobart
      4. Queenstown

21 Jun 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 9 - Horsham

First of all it looks like it is around 4/5 o'Clock but actually it was almost 8pm - Day light savings. We lost 2 hours since we left Western Australia (WA). Its feels weird seeing the sunset and now its bed time.

Its nice to say that we have travelled all the way to Victoria from Western Australia. Its even nicer to say that yesterday we were in WA. Today we travelled 736km.

We couldn't find the free camp site so I payed for a Caravan Park (Wimmera Lakes Caravan Resort) We paid $24 for a unpaid site but they gave us a payed site close to the toilets as they weren't to busy.

We give it 2 our of 5 because we got upgraded. We didn't see much of the town really but the people is nice. 

Next Stop Melbourne

18 Jun 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 8 - Iron Knob Rest Area

Gosh what a day. After driving 904km anywhere I could stop and sleep was fine with me and this spot one of those spots you wouldn't really stop unless its was dark (Which it was), if you have been driving all day (Which I was) and needed sleep urgently (I DO).

Its not the worse spot - we didn't have any fly's or mosquitos bothering us, but trucks and cars driving on the high way right next us. Its a little scary thinking back how close we were to the road and a intersection. So many people could have missed that intersection and crashed into us. BUT no one did. We are still alive. 

We are in South Australia now and not to far from Port Augusta which is a nice thought. I found it hard to fall asleep after that long drive and the car driving past didn't help, but we survived and was ready for the next days driving. 

We're Alive ... Thats All

12 Jun 2013

Leeuwin Way Whale - Eucla WA

This whale is approximately 10m long, 3m wide and 3m high and weighs almost 4 tonnes. It is made from Ferro concrete. The Whale was made and designed in Albany. The whale is a symbol for the only shore basted whaling station in the Southern Hemisphere (Now a museum)

This whales is in Eucla a small town with the population under 90. Its 7km west of the South Australian Border and 1435km east of Perth.

3 Down many more to go.

9 Jun 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 7 - Eucla

Our last spot before we leave our home state Western Australia. It really set in that we are actually traveling now. We are VERY far from home, 11km away from the South Australian border. 

Eucla is very small place as all the different 'towns' we came across, in the 2006 census it had a population 86. 

We stayed at the Eucla Caravan Park which cost us $15 for an unpowered site. We really was just planning on sleeping and since there is no reception we couldn't do much anyway. 

I quite liked Eucla, its small but had a lot of history behind it and you could explore it not far from you campsite. E and I didn't as we both had a long day of driving and promised that when we drive back home we will stop and explore. 

Something I need to share is the showers - E and I liked the idea of the showers and how you payed $1 for water. It gave you 5min worth of water. Its such a great idea, out of all the little 'towns' we stayed in WA none had this and they all ask that you have a short shower to ensure we save water. Now Eucla has the right plan to ensure it does happen. 

For this time around Eucla get a 2 out of 5 carrots. We will be back and maybe it will get more.

On a different note - just to inform those of you who are traveling from WA to SA, no one told us this us you don't actually have to declare any of you food at the border. for the Western Australian quarantine check is only in Ceduna (492km east of the border). So don't cook and throw away all your food. You can still enjoy it for a few km.


6 Jun 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 6 - Norsman Rock Rest

Norsman Rest was an interesting spot we stayed at. There was nothing around us, besides bush, trees, mosquitos  and fly's.

I have never been so annoyed with the fly's and amount of Mosquitos there. The fly's I could sorta deal with but it was the kind of mosquitos that buzz... E and I just about dipped ourselves with Off (mosquito repellant) and they left us alone but trying to fall alsleep with the noise its crazy!!


Thank goodness its was only one night. It was a bit scary sleeping there both of us were worried that some kangaroo or something will come out and eat us. Its a free site and we didn't die so we left with smiles on our faces. 

We give this spot a 1 out of 5 carrots because the mosquitos did not eat us alive. 

I am grateful that there is spots like these available for free as it was getting really late when we stopped and the next town was a while away. 


3 Jun 2013

Instagram - May

This Month in Instagram - 

  1. 'It's an upside down world' - I went to Tasmazia where I got lost in a BIG maze and came across an upside down miniature world.
  2. 'What a beautiful world' - We spent the day at Cradle Mountain Dove lake where we got to see the beauty that nature really give us to admire.
  3. 'Meet Perri our possum! He lives outside our window" - We always hear these noise outside and in our roof but never could find what makes the noise. One night we choose to leave a pear (hence the name Perrie) outside and soon found out we have 3 to 4 possum living just outside our window. 
  4. 'It's a real Taz!!' - We visited a Tasmanian sanctuary where I got to see these cute little things. They really exist, barley as the are almost extinct. I want one to keep save.
  5. 'Looks rectangular to me!' - We drove around where we live and came across Mt Round look out where there is this rectangular frame. Of course I have to take a photo
  6. 'Van Gogh is a BIG ice block here in Tasmania' - Its very cold here as you can see out Van is frozen every morning.


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