30 Jun 2013

Melbourne City

This vist to Melbourne is long over due. We have been talking about coming her for too long and never actually made the effort to come here, what mistake that was.

On the day we arrived we kind of got stuck in traffic which stressed me out to the max!! So I ended up with a massive tension headache. We did go to the city the next day which was not my favourite time there. We got lost and I didn't like the city it self. We did meet up with some friends which made our first day worth while and fun. 

We returned for a second try in the city and this time kind of know our way around which made me fall in love with melbourne. First you have trams on one side then horse and carriage on the other.


Everywhere you look there is art!! On the side walk and on any wall possible to paint. I found that I would get lost in the art, message and Melbourne'ness of it all. 


Of course E and I could not leave with out doing our own graffiti on the walls. Knowing it might not be there next week we did it anyway. 

 But E took the lime light with his amazing photography skills, and yes maybe I am picking his side because he is my Husband but look for yourself....

Make sure you check out his Tumblr Here. I know I do this a lot but other need to enjoy his hobby.

For info on Melbourne if you are planning to visit here is the link.

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