3 Jul 2013

Instagram - June


June Instagram

  1. My #whpmovingphotos {Beautiful Tasmania} - This is my moving photo. It was history in the making when Instagram introduced Videos. Yay. 
  2. "I've been writing so much - my pencil beard is getting much like hitlers" - I have a mini pencil, want to see how small I can get it!!
  3. "OurRabbitHole11 keeping track of blogging" - I have so many more blogs post to write, the only way to keep tract is to keep my diary and note book close. Loving the idea of looking back someday to all the things we have done.
  4. "Campers Kitch" - E and I go away on our days off and this is what our kitchen consists of... Camper will relate how long it take just for a cuppa.
  5. "Spreading the snail mail love!' - I love snail mail and have been writing to everyone I can. If you want to join the list. lemme know and We will let it happen.
  6. "My Favourite day!!" - I like we there is mail for me or us. Its a fun day to see what has arrived. 
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