6 Jul 2013

National Art Gallery - Melbourne

 While in Melbourne E and I visited the National Art Gallery of Victoria. What I liked about this gallery is that it had a wide range of different art form different times. Each floor you went one was a different century. The bottom level starting at the 1400 and the top being modern art. There is always a few pieces that catches my attention and stays with you.

The first one I would like to mention is Called 'Mother and child' by Cornelis de VOS a Dutch/Flemish from the years 1584-1651. Its done with oil paint on wood panel.



 I was amazed with the tecnique. As any artist would tell you is how difficult it is to work with oil paint and getting the correct shading etc. For me not only was it perfectly done but it almost looks like a photo I actually had to move in and see the brush marks to believe its paint. I absolutely enjoyed seeing how in the 1500s this was done but looking at someone for X amount of hours.

The next one I found myself staring none stop, and yet is so simple but I was standing looking at this finding it so amazing.

Its called 'Double O' by Zilvinas Kempinas 2008. Its Video Tape and Fans.

I found it mesmerising how it tricks you mind. You expect the tape to fly away but it just rotates over and over and stays with in the space between the fans. At the time it made me think about skipping between 2 rope how you stay in between the ropes as long as you jump when necessary.

From far away you don't notice and its messing with your mind until you realise on the fans there is 2 lines of fishing lines keeping the tape from flying away.

For each person each art piece says something to them and this one kind of made me think about life. Now hear me out - You and me (humankind), we're the piece of take that has not end, there is 2 tapes. One is yourself the other is the person you pick as your partner in crime, it can be your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, teacher who every you find helping you along with life. Now there is time when the 2 tapes get separated and might be at 2 different sides but one always makes the choice to come back to the other or you meet in the middle.

 The 2 fans on either side of us is good and bad things, anything you want it to be as long as they are opposites. With them blowing towards you at equal speed you find your self stuck spinning and not being able to get away. You might go closer to one side and stay there for a some time and same with the other side.

Now this happens in life - you get influenced by good and bad things and you choose to lean towards one side at times but you can't get away - you are forced to learn to live between them and adapt with the influence of both sides.

On our way out, you get stuck looking at the roof its stained glass and its beautiful when the sun hits it and reflects the light off the floor or balcony. Its something you find yourself staring at the pretty lights. 

** Please note I do not own any of this art, The artist is stated by each of the art mentioned **

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