9 Jul 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 10 - Melbourne

Well we finally got to melbourne. We loved it - how could we not have visited early. 

We stayed in melbourne for 3 nights and not long enough, We stayed at the Melbourne BIG 4 Holiday park, it was a beautiful spot to stay at. It was nice and close to the trams and not to far from trains. being in Melbourne you have to take the trams which we did and I am now declaring it my favourite form of public transport. 

One thing I did think Melbourne need to look at is its ticket system, its great that they don't have any more paper tickets and rely on a tag on - tag off system (Myki) but for tourist who plan on taking the public transport you need to pay just about $20 for your card which is valid for 2 years and pre loaded with $8. Its a great idea but if you only visiting once and for a few days you are wasting your money on a card your not going to use again. You have the option to sell it to someone but how much are you going to sell it to make sure you something for your money. At least E and I will be going back and their for are able to use it again. 

Other than that is the city beautiful, Read my blog on it Here.

We explored the city, drank a lot of coffee and tea at little hidden cafe's and managed a visit to  the National Art Gallery of Victoria (Read more Here).

We give it 4 carrots because we really enjoyed ourselves. 

For all kind of information on the city and surrounding areas. Visit the Melbourne site for all your need to know. http://www.visitmelbourne.com/

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