21 Jul 2013

Hassie Adventure - Month 2 (Week 8)

Its been a week on the mountain and I am finding it difficult to 'mingle'. Let me explain...

I find since I am married and not really looking for someone to fill a spot anymore, it feels almost like a task to 'make' new friends. I know it sounds shitty and all that but I can't be bothered with going thru all the questions and answers and getting to know someone when in a few months I will be leaving and all that work was for nothing.

Maybe I am just really home sick and coming to the realisation that the people might just not like me, but then again you need to put in to get something out.

Anyway it will be interesting how over the weeks these people will end up friends of mine - even though I feel this way at the moment.

Regarding work - I have only had 2 days worth of work and is worried about not getting anymore. They seem to employ more people but the work doesn't seem to be coming in. At least E has a steady full time job so I feel some what relaxed but I can not see myself sitting around in a mountain while E is working - I will seriously go off my mind.

There is a lot to physically go do - but you don't really want to go have fun alone.

I think this whole week is just a back to earth realisation about how things use to be. E working me being along in the 'house' (room) waiting for him to come home - At least I am not alone in the house physically but I have to of course then talk to these people in the end sometime.

Ahhhh 'Chante' get a grip of you negative self"

Anyway hopefully with me working I get to know some of the people who live around her and out of that make friends.

I am more than happy with just E!

  • Km driven this week: 0
  • Places of Interest: None
  • Paid Accommodation: None
  • $$ Spent: 0
  • Gas:
    • Litres - None
    • $ - None
    • Places - None
Sub Total (Month 2):
  • Km - 4258km
  • $$ Food & Accommodation - $2046.75
  • Gas:
    • Litres Filled - 572.55L
    • $ - $943.39

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