12 Jul 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 11 - Spirit of Tasmania

Our first ever cruise ship even though its not really a cruise. 

It didn't start of well, nothing went wrong but it was fairly a long wait before we actually got on the ship. Since Van Gogh went with us we had to load him up first. We first drove towards The Spirt of Tasmania at 4:30pm and only got to our rooms at 7pm. The boat was leaving the dock at 7.30pm. 

The tickets for us and Van Gogh was all up $579, pretty expensive and then above that you had to pay for food on the boat as well. When we finally got to fall asleep I found it hard to stand and not get sea sick, but lying down its almost soothing and relaxing to be swayed. 

We give the Spirt of Tasmania 3 carrots. It was fun knowing we were on a boat but its very expensive for only 11 hours. 

For more information on this trip go to the Spirit of Tasmania Website

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