30 Jul 2013

King Billy Walk


On the same day we did the Enchanted Walk we did the King Billy. Walking through this old rainforest coming across myrtle, sassafrans and the ancient King Billy Pines that is up to 1500 years old. These beautiful giants are fully protected since once they were greatly sought after for their timber. The trees on this walk is are some of the oldest know trees in the local area.

Duration of 40 min
Distance for 2km

Wonder which one we get to do walk next. If it is anything like these I know we will enjoy ourselves.

27 Jul 2013

Enchanted Walk


With in the first week at Cradle we wanted to soak up as much of the environment as possible before the weather gets miserable. The Enchanted Walk was the first stroll we did and the shortest one here 20min and only a distance of 1km. You walk along the banks of the Pencil Pine River, passing through bottomgrass, thickets, eucalyptus woodland and mossy myrtle forest.  

The environment we live in is just so beautiful, these photos don't do it any justice. We will be trying to do all the walk including the summit sometime when it is nice and warm.

24 Jul 2013

Australian BIG Things - Update

One of my Goals for our Hassie Adventure is to visit all the BIG things in Australia. Click on the photo for the induvidual post on that "BIG Thing".

Western Australia

Big Prawn (Exmouth)

The Giant Ram (Wagin)

Leeuwin Way Whale (Eucla)
4 April 2012
South Australia
The Giant Koala (Dadswell Bridge)
6 April 2013

21 Jul 2013

Hassie Adventure - Month 2 (Week 8)

Its been a week on the mountain and I am finding it difficult to 'mingle'. Let me explain...

I find since I am married and not really looking for someone to fill a spot anymore, it feels almost like a task to 'make' new friends. I know it sounds shitty and all that but I can't be bothered with going thru all the questions and answers and getting to know someone when in a few months I will be leaving and all that work was for nothing.

Maybe I am just really home sick and coming to the realisation that the people might just not like me, but then again you need to put in to get something out.

Anyway it will be interesting how over the weeks these people will end up friends of mine - even though I feel this way at the moment.

Regarding work - I have only had 2 days worth of work and is worried about not getting anymore. They seem to employ more people but the work doesn't seem to be coming in. At least E has a steady full time job so I feel some what relaxed but I can not see myself sitting around in a mountain while E is working - I will seriously go off my mind.

There is a lot to physically go do - but you don't really want to go have fun alone.

I think this whole week is just a back to earth realisation about how things use to be. E working me being along in the 'house' (room) waiting for him to come home - At least I am not alone in the house physically but I have to of course then talk to these people in the end sometime.

Ahhhh 'Chante' get a grip of you negative self"

Anyway hopefully with me working I get to know some of the people who live around her and out of that make friends.

I am more than happy with just E!

  • Km driven this week: 0
  • Places of Interest: None
  • Paid Accommodation: None
  • $$ Spent: 0
  • Gas:
    • Litres - None
    • $ - None
    • Places - None
Sub Total (Month 2):
  • Km - 4258km
  • $$ Food & Accommodation - $2046.75
  • Gas:
    • Litres Filled - 572.55L
    • $ - $943.39

18 Jul 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 13 - Hamilton

I have not been this cold in a very long time! Thank goodness a few people at the site where we stayed build a fire which was lovely for my freezing body. E and I went to sleep with 2 blankets and a few layers of cloths. Very uncomfortable but necessary. 

Again we stayed in a very pretty spot we didn't do much exploring but I hope to later on.

We give this spot 3 carrots just because the people there are so lovely and its beautiful. 

15 Jul 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 12 - Campbell Town

Our first spot in Tasmania and a place we can call home. We didn't do much but sleep in Campbell Town. It was raining when we arrived and so we parked Van Gogh and had a lovely nanna nap which then we only woke to have dinner and then went back to sleep. 

When we woke up the next day we were amazed by how beautiful Tasmania is. Its green, peaceful and amazing. We woke up and realised we are next to a stream which looked like it belonged out of a movie. 

Among other attractions we noticed that there is a Convict Brick Trail. A commemoration and celebration f the convict history. Each brick is engraved with the names of a few personal details of each convict transported to Australia and Norfolk island. 

It was a lovely first spot to stop in Tasmania for this we give it 3 carrots.

If you would like to visit this spot make sure to visit the website to help you with the planning of your trip. http://www.campbelltowntasmania.com/index.html

12 Jul 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 11 - Spirit of Tasmania

Our first ever cruise ship even though its not really a cruise. 

It didn't start of well, nothing went wrong but it was fairly a long wait before we actually got on the ship. Since Van Gogh went with us we had to load him up first. We first drove towards The Spirt of Tasmania at 4:30pm and only got to our rooms at 7pm. The boat was leaving the dock at 7.30pm. 

The tickets for us and Van Gogh was all up $579, pretty expensive and then above that you had to pay for food on the boat as well. When we finally got to fall asleep I found it hard to stand and not get sea sick, but lying down its almost soothing and relaxing to be swayed. 

We give the Spirt of Tasmania 3 carrots. It was fun knowing we were on a boat but its very expensive for only 11 hours. 

For more information on this trip go to the Spirit of Tasmania Website

9 Jul 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 10 - Melbourne

Well we finally got to melbourne. We loved it - how could we not have visited early. 

We stayed in melbourne for 3 nights and not long enough, We stayed at the Melbourne BIG 4 Holiday park, it was a beautiful spot to stay at. It was nice and close to the trams and not to far from trains. being in Melbourne you have to take the trams which we did and I am now declaring it my favourite form of public transport. 

One thing I did think Melbourne need to look at is its ticket system, its great that they don't have any more paper tickets and rely on a tag on - tag off system (Myki) but for tourist who plan on taking the public transport you need to pay just about $20 for your card which is valid for 2 years and pre loaded with $8. Its a great idea but if you only visiting once and for a few days you are wasting your money on a card your not going to use again. You have the option to sell it to someone but how much are you going to sell it to make sure you something for your money. At least E and I will be going back and their for are able to use it again. 

Other than that is the city beautiful, Read my blog on it Here.

We explored the city, drank a lot of coffee and tea at little hidden cafe's and managed a visit to  the National Art Gallery of Victoria (Read more Here).

We give it 4 carrots because we really enjoyed ourselves. 

For all kind of information on the city and surrounding areas. Visit the Melbourne site for all your need to know. http://www.visitmelbourne.com/

6 Jul 2013

National Art Gallery - Melbourne

 While in Melbourne E and I visited the National Art Gallery of Victoria. What I liked about this gallery is that it had a wide range of different art form different times. Each floor you went one was a different century. The bottom level starting at the 1400 and the top being modern art. There is always a few pieces that catches my attention and stays with you.

The first one I would like to mention is Called 'Mother and child' by Cornelis de VOS a Dutch/Flemish from the years 1584-1651. Its done with oil paint on wood panel.



 I was amazed with the tecnique. As any artist would tell you is how difficult it is to work with oil paint and getting the correct shading etc. For me not only was it perfectly done but it almost looks like a photo I actually had to move in and see the brush marks to believe its paint. I absolutely enjoyed seeing how in the 1500s this was done but looking at someone for X amount of hours.

The next one I found myself staring none stop, and yet is so simple but I was standing looking at this finding it so amazing.

Its called 'Double O' by Zilvinas Kempinas 2008. Its Video Tape and Fans.

I found it mesmerising how it tricks you mind. You expect the tape to fly away but it just rotates over and over and stays with in the space between the fans. At the time it made me think about skipping between 2 rope how you stay in between the ropes as long as you jump when necessary.

From far away you don't notice and its messing with your mind until you realise on the fans there is 2 lines of fishing lines keeping the tape from flying away.

For each person each art piece says something to them and this one kind of made me think about life. Now hear me out - You and me (humankind), we're the piece of take that has not end, there is 2 tapes. One is yourself the other is the person you pick as your partner in crime, it can be your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, teacher who every you find helping you along with life. Now there is time when the 2 tapes get separated and might be at 2 different sides but one always makes the choice to come back to the other or you meet in the middle.

 The 2 fans on either side of us is good and bad things, anything you want it to be as long as they are opposites. With them blowing towards you at equal speed you find your self stuck spinning and not being able to get away. You might go closer to one side and stay there for a some time and same with the other side.

Now this happens in life - you get influenced by good and bad things and you choose to lean towards one side at times but you can't get away - you are forced to learn to live between them and adapt with the influence of both sides.

On our way out, you get stuck looking at the roof its stained glass and its beautiful when the sun hits it and reflects the light off the floor or balcony. Its something you find yourself staring at the pretty lights. 

** Please note I do not own any of this art, The artist is stated by each of the art mentioned **

3 Jul 2013

Instagram - June


June Instagram

  1. My #whpmovingphotos {Beautiful Tasmania} - This is my moving photo. It was history in the making when Instagram introduced Videos. Yay. 
  2. "I've been writing so much - my pencil beard is getting much like hitlers" - I have a mini pencil, want to see how small I can get it!!
  3. "OurRabbitHole11 keeping track of blogging" - I have so many more blogs post to write, the only way to keep tract is to keep my diary and note book close. Loving the idea of looking back someday to all the things we have done.
  4. "Campers Kitch" - E and I go away on our days off and this is what our kitchen consists of... Camper will relate how long it take just for a cuppa.
  5. "Spreading the snail mail love!' - I love snail mail and have been writing to everyone I can. If you want to join the list. lemme know and We will let it happen.
  6. "My Favourite day!!" - I like we there is mail for me or us. Its a fun day to see what has arrived. 
If you want to see more make sure your following me on Instagram - Chante_cm11

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