6 Feb 2015

Betsy The Highlander


We have been trying to feed the cows since we found out they are friendly. There is so many around, you would think it's easy to do, but no they have a mind of their own!! 

Their not like dogs where you can go 'here Betsy, Betsy, Betsy' or '*whistle*  come on, come here' nope they don't care! It's the few times they come up to the fence that we can try. 

Today E suddenly disappears, me being annoyed that he didn't tel me where he is going is started stomping around like around looking for him. Spotting him thru the window with Betsy, who is at the fence. I frantically started looking for my camera and grabbed the carrot and off I went!! 

I am so glad we got to feed her and got to take some photos! Yay for more cows! 

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