22 Feb 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 51 - Spicers Peak Lodge

Our third place to call home long term and this one is mind blowing. 

As you drive up the 30 min dirt road only to think you have turned at he wrong place and are driving somewhere never to be seen again, you are mistaken. As you reach the top you are welcomed by a wide open field leading you up to this beautiful lodge we now have been blessed to call home! 

Woking along side amazing team members, learning new skills and knowing you one of the few people to even know about this place let along call it home. We sadly wish we didn't have to leave, as walking thru the cows every morning to go to work and getting lost in to fog from work makes for an amazing adventure and story. Many don't believe me that a place like this exists but belief my words and trust my photos this place is in the clouds and close to heaven. 

You might think I am not getting enough air being so high up - maybe this but there is not words to express how much we loved the peace, love and surrounding of this place. 

We will be back and ENCOURAGE everyone to go!!! You won't ever regret it! 


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