26 Feb 2015

Glass House Mountains


Leaving the mountain and starting our trip back to Western Australia, E made me go out of our planned way to see the Glass House Mountains and it didn't disappoint! 

Driving on the motorway you see car after car and trees coming and going it feels like the road never ends. When all if a sudden a mountain appears, it's very hard to explain just how 'BOOM' out of the blue it really is. It's really spectacular! 

These mountains were lava plugs within volcanic cones. 250 000 Years later these rock formations appeared after wind and water erosion. 

These mountains don't look anything like house nor a glass and I find it's an unusual name for mountains. Apparently these mountains looked a lot like the glass furnaces from James Cooks home town the 'adventurer' who first saw these in 1800's.

These mountains are such landmarks for Queensland that you are able to see them from the New South Whales border. 

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