30 Jun 2015

Fond Memories

















Sitting here trying to put together my thoughts of our time away is one of the hardest things to write about. I never thought that it would come to a end, its a sad thought really, that to think this would be my last post of a wonderful time of our Australian Adventure.

While sipping on a cuppa and E reading over my shoulder, we quickly started walking down memory lane, thinking about the memory of when I woke E up to see snow for the first time, the time E started yelling for me to come and see the possum in our bed and so much more memories that could only make me want to jump back into the Van and just not come back.

We came to the following conclusions and to be honest, its still up for discussion but, lets just agree to disagree for now.

Thing like most km driven in a day was 900km, the most interesting art exhibition was at GOMA, the best museum we ever got to explore was MONA,(yeah I know what is the odds), we only killed 1 wallaby, one rabbit and had one suicidal bird - who flew into our Van. We came across one crazy hitch hiker fully dressing in a 3 piece suite trying to hitch a ride at 3 am on the east coast of Tasmania - wolf creek much.

The best place we found ourselves in was Great Australian Bite and the worse Wardell Rest Area, where some early bird roosters decided to wake us up before dawn. The best coffee we found in the middle of no where was Tombolos in Coles Bay Tasmania while the some of the most adventurous we found ourselves was when we canoed between the Hazards in Freycinet National Park.

The coldest night E and I remember was a night we slept with 3 layers of cloths and 2 blankets while holding onto each other for dear life and warmth was in Mole Creek and Hamilton, both in Tasmania. Some of the hardest nights to try and fall asleep was at Burrawan Rest Area, where some sun beetles kept us up with there 'buzzing' of noise. While other night we were the only campers in a, what seemed to feel like a crowded forrest of monsters and murders waiting for you to walk into the dark, dark forrest, and I mean it was REALLY dark.

Some WOW moments was realising you live in amazing place like Spicer Peak Lodge where it was literally in the clouds and Cradle Mountain where you can actually see it from your bedroom window.

Driving all that way has some of its good moments, like driving down Great Ocean Road and bad moments like, driving up a steep ramp to get off The Spirt of Tasmania and almost rolling back into a line of cars.

Over all thinking back, I  think about our time away where we are just lying in the van talking, making games up because it pouring out with rain and enjoying each others company with our interruptions like, internet, TV, computer and people, it was just us and I love it.

I think about how E and I fought and disagree at times, times where we yelled and times we just didn't want to see each other. I think about how even thought it may have felt like we hated each other it made us grow, grow as people and grow as a couple.

I learned about stress, faith in others and love in myself and others close to me. I learned to trust myself in situations I never thought I could handle and learned to trust people close to me with my life and important decisions. I learned to rely on others and let got of things I cannot control. Most of all I learned more about who I am, who I choose to spend my life with and that I am the one in charge of how I can live my life.

The craziest think we realised was that the best things in this world is free.

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