22 Jun 2015

Year 2 Records

So we have come to the end of our Hassie Adventure. Before I get to all our records I want to look back at the second part of our Adventure.

Just like last year (See here) we got to experience life at its highs and life lows, the warm and cold and all the surprises in between. This 'years' records are only small 73days to be exact.

I kept record of just about everything. Everything from every penny spent, adventure explored and memory shared.

Here is some facts for you:

  1. Our 16th Month (See Here) of traveling we spent $3815.39 while driving home from Queensland (See Here) to Western Australia (See here).
  2. Our 16th Month we drove 6681km along side the south Coast of Australia. 
  3. Our 16th Month We spent $3815.39 making sure we enjoy every second of our last bit of Adventure. 
Over all in the last 3 months we drove 7414km, Spent $6983.03 and filled Van Gogh up with 907.88L that cost us $1542.92.

We filled up at the following Gas Stations.



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