29 Jan 2013


I've joined the world of twitter.... never thought I would, but I find myself liking the tweeting sound it makes on the phone when I do tweet...

Guess if you want to follow me do other wise carry on


23 Jan 2013

Instagram 2012













It has taken me forever to do this blog. I have been having trouble deciding which is my favourites and put limit of only 2 per month but June was an exemption with 3 as it is my birthday month!!

  • "Hello Sugar" - E and I found this hidden cafe in Fremantle. Love love love the place, but I spilt some sugar and enjoyed myself.
  • "Shopping for Grocery's"- When you see someone in a mirror pillar in the shops, you always think there is someone right behind you... NO? only me!!?? 
  • "We're just another kind of fish in the sea" - When E and I traveled up north to Exmouth we snorkelled. My first time. I absolutely loved it, Saw a shark though... Not very exited after that.
  • "Do you speak Wale?" - I went to a valentines dinner and spilt my wine. Looking at the spill it looked like a wale. Can you see it?
  • "Hair Portrait" - Soon after I changed my colour of my hair, I played around with it. 
  • "Neighbourhood" - I took this photo while at the light and Sam jumped onto my lap and enjoyed the wind in his face. Love this boy to bits
  • "You always have my heart" - Some might think I am corny or its puppy love, Either way sowed  my heart charm to E's Cardigan and told him he always has my heart when were apart. 
  • "A shot to remember" - This was our first mini road trip we took. We drove to Busselton after E finished work (12:30am) and arrived there around 3am. Slept in the car and woke up with the sunrise. How beautiful the Jetty is with the sun behind it.
  • "Can you see me?" - I love bubbles in my bath, while on honeymoon I practically lived in our bath tub and enjoyed acting like a child at bathtime.
  • "Ouch - Note to self boiling water hurts!!!"- While at work making a cuppa for one of the residents the hot water landed right on my hand. Little did I know it was that bad of a burn. It healed fine my skin is just a bit discolour, but considering this is how it started I am happy with a little discoloured.
  • "Reminiscing my younger years - Happy 21st to me" - On my 21st birthday E and I went to our favourite cafe in Fremantle and enjoyed each other's company. Now as some might know E likes taking photo's and I am always happy to be in them. This is one of them. Absolutely love this one.
  • "Warm Socks and tea Weather" - My Hassie (Rabbit) sock my dad got me. I love them to bits and enjoy wearing them around the house. Would were them to work if I was aloud.
  • "We should play outside" - I love winter, I love the way things change colour and the cold. E snapped this photos as I enjoyed the leaves.
  • "My 21st - 1950's Dinner Party" - I had a 1950's dinner party in the Perth Hills and got to dress up. This is E and I on the night.
  • "Love this Idiot" - On my brothers 16th we went iceskating, I haven't ice scatted for such a long time I ended up on the floor a few times.
  • "Window with flower" - At my art class there is this window, old and rusty but with a flower it looks beautiful again.
  • "A Picnic for 2" - E and I enjoyed a picnic for to at lake Monger. Always nice to have the ducks and swans chase us away.
  • "E's editing skills" - E took this photo with his film camera, I didn't like the reflection in my glasses and asked him to edit it out. this is what he gave me in return.
  • "Flash Backs" - E with me at my year 12 ball. Just love this photos. We're still so happy with each other.
  • "Hassie Adventure here we come" - Photo explain it selfs
  • "Walking" - E and his camera always catching some moments in time
  • "Beached as Bro" - I never go to the beach, as the sand is every where and you catch some cancer BLAH BLAH BLAH.... I enjoyed it and have been back number of times since
  • "Snowing in perth (hail)" - It just started hair, and it looked like snow... if only Perth was so lucky.
  • "Pitta Patta of baby feet" - This is Baby Ivy. We met her while in Sydney. She made E and I very happy to call her our niece
  • " Christmas at work" - Always nice working on Christmas with the residents and Better that I got payed double. 
Gosh this has been difficult. 

Tell me which is your favourite and if your not already following me on Instagram, start doing so @chante_cm11

12 Jan 2013

New Years Resolution 2013

I have never bothered doing New Years resolution but this year one of my New Years resolutions is setting myself a goals for this year.

I have been thinking for a little while what I want to do and achieve since we are going away - hopefully I do a few and be able to look back next year saying "Woooh - that was great lets do it again!!"

New Years resolution 2013
  1. Spend more time with E - now as many of you know E works very long hours and sometimes I only get to see him for about half an hour a day. This year I want it to be different!!
  2. Try something new everyday - That just explains it all!
  3. Complete a years worth of "Photo a day" - I want take a photo of myself everyday and make a video on like you get on YouTube. Lets see...
  4. Be less angry - Now E will tell you I have a short temper ... Mainly cause he makes me angry! Ten teases me or tries to make me laugh and then I get angry .... Argh!! I don't want to laugh now!! He knows very well how to push my buttons
  5. Be less controlling - Now I like being in control. Know what is going to happen each day, plan ahead... I would like to be able to just let go!
  6. Be more motivated - I want to be more motivated to new things.
  7. Be more organized - Now I'm generally organized with things, but I change my mind so often and change how I do things. That frustrates me - I need to stick to one plan!!
  8. Eat less McDonalds - I am addicted to the cheese. I fight with myself when I drive past a Macca's to not go thru the drive thru and I always regret it giving in!!
  9. Play the violin again - I haven't played it in 5 years. Each time I hear or see someone play, I'm super jealous! I'd like to continue to learn how to play.
  10. Get over my fear of calling people over the phone - now I call people at work but out side of work I try and avoid it as much of possible.
  11. Go to the beach more - How come I almost never go to the BEACH I live in Australia for goodness shake. I really need to go the beach more... even if its just for a quick dip - I would accept it.
  12. Do my exercises program - My back and core is lazy and causes a lot of trouble. I want to really try and do my exercise program daily to strengthening my core and back muscles. 
  13. Ge back into Photography - I love taking photo's, I liked the memory a photo holds. I'd like to really enjoy my hobby with out thinking all my photos aren't being judged!! 
Lets see how I do this year!!

* Photo Taken by Chante' Photography Copy Rights.

8 Jan 2013

Looking back at 2012


Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

January for me is the month I sit and reflect back on 2012 and start planning what I want to achive from 2013.

Firstly I feel like I haven't done as much in 2012 as I feel I could. 2011 was such a great year - with getting married, Honeymoon and all that. I felt at the end of 2011 that it was a good year.
This year looking back I don't feel happy about it. Don't get me wrong it been a lovely year but I want more.

  • Started to feel more confidant with in my career - Before I use to doubt my ability to do nursing, always fearing that I don't know enough and that I might do something wrong causing someone to get hurt or the more unwanted result DEATH, But no one died and I have been growing as a nurse and Happy I choose to stay one.
  • Got my Australian Citizenship - Now This a a great achievement for myself. Something I really wanted and I did it. I feel like I am Australian and that I deserve to be here. Very Proud... 100%
  • I Changed my Hair - Now I love my length of my hair too much, but I needed a Change!! I've been blond forever so I needed to test the waters with my RED hair... 
  • Spend more time with Family - now since before E and I got married we moved out of my parents house. Since them I have been there every week. I am Happy that I still make a point of seeing my parent at least once a week.
  • Plan Our Future - Now this is the reason E and I have this blog. Now as you might have read in my previous post. We are going on an adventure. We have decided what we are going to do for the next few year. I'll update y'all soon...
  • First Car Crash - Not even my fault, but an experience. Good thing the guy had Car Insurance - other wise would have cost me $3500 
  • Been in the Emergency Room - Not related to the Car Crash - but a Ovarian Cyst Burst :( ouch... Very sore but kinda cool for a nurse to be on the other side of the equations. 
  • Been on mini Road trips with E - Oh we have been doing that when possible and I LOVE IT... I will be continue'ing after out BIG adventure.
  • Celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary - Now I still need to post on that, when I get the time to write about our first night. HEAPS of fun. But for lunch we enjoyed Crispy Creams in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney Right next to the Opera House. 
  • Start to a live dream of mine - I wanted to do art, and I did. I started a few art classes. Which I loved!! I stopped tho :( as work got in the way. I would like to continue it when able.
  • I made a new friends - 'Nien' you have seen here on here a few times. I'd like to keep her.
  • Lived thru work place bulling - Now at the time I HATED it never thought it would happen to me, but it did and it terrible. I didn't know what to do and felt like crashing my car on the way to work. It didn't help in my confidence level with my career. Although now its their loss - I don't want to sound BIG headed but I am Pretty good at what I do. 
  • We be came a Aunty and Uncle  - oh how we love Baby Ivy. This is our first niece so VERY exited. They live in Sydney though so TOO FAR for us to visit as often as we like. 
I am sure as soon as I post this I will think of some more and might then add them - we will see.

Be sure to follow where you can and may 2013 be a Blessed on for all!!

3 Jan 2013

Instagram - December

Looking back on December Instagram Photo's:
  1. "Owl Buds" - Nien and I call each other owls. (Not sure how it came about). I got us these owl beanies for winter. 
  2. "Jewellery for a Cause #Epilepsy_foundation" - Now everyone have their charity they support E and I support the Epilepsy Foundation (Purple). I found this website that sells beautiful jewellery and they donate 40% to a foundation of your choice.  They support all different kind of foundations. Make your way to the site and show your support.
  3. "Tapped our in Hospital - Think I'm a bit to obsessed!" - I was in hospital recently and the only thing that kept me busy was Tapped out. Now if you don't know tapped out, its a real addictive game that is similar to Sims or Farmville. You kinda build your town and make $$ to buy and build more things. Now I never thought I would be so addicted to it.
  4. "#Hassie_Adventure on the roll looking for a #van to do our traveling in" - E and I are looking at some serious Van's for our up coming adventure... Look out ill be showing you the van soon.
  5. "Christmas at Work" - Like most Christmas' I am working. It usually is very quite as all the residents go out with their family. The staff usually dress up and just have a breezy day. I on the other hand had Christmas lunch with the residents and enjoyed some good old dinner table stories with them.
  6. "Our Annual Christmas eCard" - My Mother does an annual Chritmas eCard where she put our faces on others and they dance and sing etc. Always something to make me giggle.
I think I might go through all mu 2012 post and see my top top Instagram photos. I have so many I am sure it will be hard to pick. 
E and I are really starting to plan our Hassie Adventure - keep your eyes peeled we might be on the road super soon.

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