30 Mar 2015

Austrian war memorial

Last time E and I drove thru Canberra we were too late to see the War Memorial. Driving back to Perth we made the point to come early and enjoy the day of remembering.

Being here just after ANZAC weekend made it a site to see. With Poppy's everywhere you looked and all different kinds of reefs to remember them all! E and I walked around reading about Soldiers, nurse and people who sacrificed their time, energy and eventually their life's for the life style we have today! 

Not having anyone personally whohave been in the war now or in the pass is good but we both agreed it would have made it more meaningful to honour those who battled in war. In saying that we did leave a poppy not just cause but for a someone who may now been forgotten as non of his family might be around etc. So we picked a name which didn't have a poppy and left them one as a thank you for what they did. I know that not many have the bravery and strength in them selfs to fight for a country. 

I feel honoured to be able to remember those who have given their life's for my freedom and as much as I wish we all realised just how much of an impact these soldiers, nurse and ecentially everyday people had on our life today! 

Lest We Forget

28 Mar 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 59 - South Motor Park

As far as I could tell there is 2 caravan parks in Canberra. We picked this one as it was closer to us and convenient. 

I felt like we were annoying for trying to see if there is a camp site available (which there was) not much information was given on check in and not once did she smile while gathering all my information! 

The facilities are fairly new and clean. We stayed in the unpowered site and we're the only ones around which was lovely and peaceful although the only down fall on the location of the unpowered sites is that we are located right next to highway with cars and trucking driving up and down constantly! 

Plus side to that is that since we are use to sleeping in rest stops next to highways we can fall asleep easily but I can just image a few guest. It enjoying them selfs.

2 Hassie carrots as a smile does make a difference! 

26 Mar 2015

Jarvis Bay


When we asked what is there to see around the NSW cost - E and I both we're told to go check out Jervis bay. 

Both E and I mentioned that I sound so familiar but can't put our thumb on how, when or where? We didn't think that it was on our way but soon we saw the turn off E and I thought it worth exploring. 

Jervis bay is located in a national park and give you access to plenty of beaches with beautiful white sand and clear blue calming water. Walking on the oh so soft fine sand made me wish the weather was better and we could have a quick dip. Being a bit of a miserable day, we did make a point to at least put our feet in the water - and it was freezing. We made the choice to one day come back and have a picnic and swim!! There is some beautiful parks along side the beaches perfect for family outing. 

Until next time Jervis Bay

24 Mar 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 58 - Lousie and Dougs'


This was our first driveway sleep over and we loved it! Not having to worry about finding a spot to rest our head and hide behind the bush to have a wee. 

The original plan was just to have a wonderful catch up and she how Lou and bub is going. She kindly offered for us to stay in the yard and use the bathroom, which is always something we don't say no to. Being in a van and not knowing when or where the next spot will be with a shower makes us grab every opportunity thrown our way that allows us to clean ourselves. 

We give this spot and wonderful company 5 Hassie Carrots, we will be back to visit when the baby is around!! 


22 Mar 2015

Fitzroy Falls

While driving down to New South Whales, NSW Coast to visit a friend we quickly stopped at a national park to use the bathrooms. Little did we know it's part of a waterfall. 

After the bathrooms I said to e we might as well go see this falls since it's 200m away and we are here. 
Both of us were thinking this better be impressive while walking towards the waterfall making jokes about little pond saying 'that can't possibly be it'. 

As we got to the end of the path and around a corner, we are over whelmed with what's in front of you! I could not believe this is the water fall and the view with it! Neither E or myself even knew this is what we were driving next to and that NSW could be this spectacular. 

Need less to say we recommend you stop here to use the loo and be as amazed like we were! 

20 Mar 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure - Week 61

Wow what a week and it feels liked we have done some much in a very short amount of time! 

Started off with saying goodbyes and then exploring the surrounds, moved down to wine world and then ended it with well deserved catch ups. 

Being on the road is just fantastic just driving. With minimal planning and see what there is to find after each and every corner. I have been thinking about us going home - exited as it is, I have the same fear now like I did when we started talking about going on this big adventure. Shows you just have thinks change and how you need to take a leap of faith! 

I am looking forward to all the planned bits and bobs! It's an adventure E and I will always talk about!! Want to savour every last bit of it! 

  • Km driven this week: 1434km
  • Places of interest: 
    • GOMA
    • BIG Banana 
    • Hunter Valley
  • Paid accommodation: 
    • New Market Caravan Park ($41pn)
  • $$spent: $1160.49
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 139.69L
    • $: $218.25
    • Places:
      • Taree
      • Manning River
      • Greta
      • Mudeeraba
      • Morayfield

18 Mar 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spots 57 - Maccas Residents

Our second home away from home! This has been the only spot we have been back 3 times since we have left Perth! 

I may have said this before in previous post but we just don't get to see them enough! Living on opposite sides of Australia makes it hard for a quick visit. 

Saying that though - this visit was a very quick one and one I wish was longer! Seeing the Maccas and Ivy with her shenanigan. I can't express the love we have for our niece and to think we will have a new baby in a few weeks! 

We can not wait to see the new baby!!!

Love you guys to the moon and back! 

As always 5 Hassie Carrots!!


16 Mar 2015

Big Wine Bottle

This is my kind of bottle. 

I could not find any facts about why it is here, how long it took to make and and and. I got to tick it off my list and thats all I am happy with ..... WINE!!

14 Mar 2015

Hunter Valley

Australia's wine world! 

I wouldn't class myself much of a wine person but since we have been on this adventure I have a better understanding about wine! Saying that meant the Hunter Valley was a just do. 

After being woken up super early by rain pounding down on our van roof. We set sail towards to few wineries we wanted to visit. 

First one - Scarborough Wines. We did our first wine tasting and found a  Chardonnay worth tasting!! It's a family owned Vineyard that has been the sponsor wine for the Sydney New Year's Eve parties. Fun fact for you! 

Second - Drayton. They have been producing wine since 1853. Had our second wine tasting and found their Cabernet Sauvignon was one of the bests I have had! We also tried the Ports and ended up leaving with a 12 year old brew that was so easy to drink it could be cordial. 

Third - Gundog. A very young winery in terms with all the other winery's surrounding it. Surprising really good wine! I don't like heavy flavoured wines like Shiraz but they have a beautiful full bodied one worth trying! 

Off to a cheese company we went for some cheese to go with our selection of wines until we get to enjoy it! 

The Hunter - we like you

12 Mar 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 56 - Branxton Rest Area

Took forever!! Well maybe I have been driving too long and the thought of having to look for a rest area in the dark drives me insane! 

We are planning on staying in the Hunter Valley the next day so finding a free camp was our number one. Not realising that at the time the Camps book we have, is out of date as the Hunter Valley roads has been updated. 

Anyway - after some driving we arrived at a rest stop that is relatively new. Located next to the high way but far away that you cannot hear the noise! Got the car sorted and enjoyed some beer under the stars! 

It was a beautiful nights sleep until Mother Nature felt it's time to rain 4:30am. It wasn't just any rain but thunder, lighting, heavy pouring rain! I mean living in a van has it's perks but when the rain is pouring down while you are trying to sleep, doesn't make us the happiest person! 

We tried going to sleep and eventually did but only to be woken up by thunder and more rain!! That meant we started packing to van from inside and had to run like crazies to put everything from outside in! 

Camping life!! First thunder storm though and LOVED it (secretly)

3 Hassie carrots for the new facilities!!

10 Mar 2015

The Rock

I've seen this rock when we drove up to Brisbane and since I knew we would one day drive past it again I wasn't to phased about missing it!

Today as I was driving down the Pacific Highway I knew it would come up sometime but expecting it to appear after every corner or tree all day long was frustrating! After 500km of anticipating it's arrival it appeared and I almost missed the turn off.

It's noting like the really Ayers Rock, this is a roof of Subway which makes it surprisingly interesting but to get to the place the road is just unreal!! Needs a massive revamp! 

Either way I got to see it after all - one day the real Uluru!!  

8 Mar 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 55 - Wardell Rest Area

Driving at night is something E and I try to avoid but when we plan on driving late into the night it's reassuring to know there are rest areas located all along the highways/ motorways. 

This particular one was our third one we tried as the others were full or 'no camping allowed'. It seemed great, loo, few cats around and not far off the road, until 4:30am when a couple of roosters stared to sing their morning song!! 

Oh my lady gaga!! I was just about to jump out of Van Gogh and commit a sin!! I love being up early, I really do but these rooster should know that rise and shine happens when the sun comes up and they were a hour and half too early. 

Either way that was a morning to remember and made us wonder 'why the chickens didn't cross the highway instead!!'

1 Hassie carrot for annoying chickens!!


6 Mar 2015

Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

E and I tend to make a point to visit gallery's, museums and exhibitions. When we were told about the 'Fallig Back To Earth' exhibition by Cai Guo-Qaing we planned our trip around a quick visit to Brisbane. 
Walking into the exhibitions you are quickly overwhelmed by a massive eucalyptus tree displayed for all to touch and look closely at every bit of detail. It is said that I was part of cleared for an urban community development. I feel this piece of 'art' makes the audience reflect of the impact we have on this world, we are always so preoccupied with ourselves that we never consider other or what our action do to this earth! For everyone to look at a tree that was removed because it was 'in the way' makes me wonder just how often I move things for my own benefit! 

The second exhibition by Cai Guo-Qaing is called Heritage. As you walk  into the room you are welcomed by a variety of animals collected around a pond drinking from it. Some that are could easily eat each other but seem to be at that moment in unity with everything around it. This was a piece of art that has struck me like no other has before. Looking at all the different animals collected around the pound, calm, welcomed and happy around each other makes me wonder if all the people in the world every would have a moment like this. It seems that we are never considering others and that we as a team could accomplish so much but instead we focus on that parts where we 'don't get along', 'enemies' and 'hate each other' where really we all care for the same thing - happiness and to feel welcomed! 

This made me angry at how ignorant humanity is towards each other and the world we live in. 


The finale exhibition by Cai Guo-Qaing in GOMA was called Head On. Getting to see the artificial wolves up close made me wonder how real we are as people. I'll explain how I got that from wolfs. Cai Guo-Qaing was inspired by Berlin's history in which the Cold War divided the city with the Berlin War. 
Having wolves hurl themselves into the air only to hit a glass wall before trying again. The glass wall is the invisible challenges in our way and we keep trying and trying and trying. As I mentioned that the artificial wolves made me wonder how 'real' we are as people. We all act like everyone else, never stand out from the crowd and almost always follow a group 'because everyone else is doing it'. How often are you different? Think about it! You may feel you aren't the same, but you go to work - like everyone else, do your shopping - like everyone else, try pay your bills - like everyone else,  your best in life - like everyone else etc. We are all in the same loop and just go with the flow... How are you going to be differnt now?

I absolutely love art that makes you think about life and reflect the world around you!! If you ever get to see this exhibition let your thought go - you never know what you can come up with. Might surprise yourself!! 

4 Mar 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 54 - Newmarket Gardens Caravan Park

First day off the mountain and we are already changing our minds like anything! We were originally planning on sleeping at the Glass house mountains but mosquito's isn't really my best friend!! 

Arriving at around 6pm quickly having a shower and popping off to dinner was well deserved! 

We were the only camper on our side! Waking up after the sun has risen you can hear kinda playing and breakfast being cooked. 

Lovely place right in Brisbane, I still think it's 3 Hassie Carrots!   


2 Mar 2015

Instagram - February

This is my months in a nutshell

  1. Look over there (a ride around the neibourhood where we spotted a cat being interested looking  to its left)
  2. My Favourite Corner ( This is my spot)
  3. Get in my bus of Yummies (Valentines adventures in the city)
  4. My Superpower (book, book, boooks)
  5. This inspires me (Beautiful gardens and lovely light shinning on it)
  6. A Quick goodbye until we meet again. (A fairway to lovely travel friends)
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