14 Mar 2015

Hunter Valley

Australia's wine world! 

I wouldn't class myself much of a wine person but since we have been on this adventure I have a better understanding about wine! Saying that meant the Hunter Valley was a just do. 

After being woken up super early by rain pounding down on our van roof. We set sail towards to few wineries we wanted to visit. 

First one - Scarborough Wines. We did our first wine tasting and found a  Chardonnay worth tasting!! It's a family owned Vineyard that has been the sponsor wine for the Sydney New Year's Eve parties. Fun fact for you! 

Second - Drayton. They have been producing wine since 1853. Had our second wine tasting and found their Cabernet Sauvignon was one of the bests I have had! We also tried the Ports and ended up leaving with a 12 year old brew that was so easy to drink it could be cordial. 

Third - Gundog. A very young winery in terms with all the other winery's surrounding it. Surprising really good wine! I don't like heavy flavoured wines like Shiraz but they have a beautiful full bodied one worth trying! 

Off to a cheese company we went for some cheese to go with our selection of wines until we get to enjoy it! 

The Hunter - we like you

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