31 May 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 5 - Esperance

Oh Esperance what heaven it was compared to Albany (Spot 2). If you read the post on Albany you would understand why we enjoyed Esperance so much.

We have always heard people going on about how beautiful the beaches are in Esperance, Everyone always goes there for a weekend away. Being 8 and a half hours away from Perth (720km) means a whole days worth of driving. We were lucky we only had to drive 5 hours worth of driving and its worth it.

E and I spend easter weekend there and was lovely to soak up the sun and sit on the beach. We actually went to the beach and spend 4 hours on the beach. Now E will always tell you that I don't stay around for him to enjoy it. Besides being on the beach we enjoyed 3 night there and relaxed.

Because we liked Esperance so much and the beaches are out of this world we are giving it 4 Hassie Carrots.

We loved it and would defiantly go again. 

To help you plan you adventure go to Esperance website

Paid Accommodation
- Pink Lake Tourism Park ($39)
- Cape Le Grand National Park ($9p/p)

Until our next adventure spot. 


28 May 2013

Life Scout Badges - Swimming

Many of us swim - you swim in your mothers uterus, as gross as that sounds but its true. So we all do it from a young age. 

I have a memory of our very first Valentines day together, E and I went to swim at the Joondalup Arena. So would expect flowers, dinner (so did I) but instead E and I had a fun day swimming. I don't know if that was what he actually planned for us to do on Valentines day but it was really fun and as you can notice very different. 

Years later E said to me and I agree with it - "Why have one set day aka Valentines day to show someone you love them when you can do it everyday."  So with E and I everyday is a special day. I know corny but its true - treat each day as if it is your last. 

But on that note E!! You owe me many many many flowers for each day we have been together, it's a special day and special days deserve flowers.


24 May 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 4: Kundip Rest Area


On our way to Esperance we stopped for the night at a rest Area called Kundip Rest Area. We were the only one's there and was a bit frightening. I was praying that we don't get kidnapped or killed during the night. 

Not far from where we park a car, there was what seemed to be a shack of some sort made out of tin standing there with a few things around. We didn't see anyone in it or near by but my mind took over and I instantly thought of the chainsaw massacre or some thriller movie event. 

We made it thru the night and was quite peaceful - no one around meant peace and quite. After making breakfast we went exploring - we came across this chair that is just sitting looking towards where our van is parked. Everything around it is burnt but the pillow on it isn't! I looks like someone was sitting looking over us or at us creeping a bit. I wanted to get out of there.



Before we did we came across a heritage walk which was quite fascinating to think in 1901 there was a full blown town running with people of different ages going to school, working etc now 112 years later I am standing on the spot someone might have stood years back looking at what they we're looking at. Gave me such chills and enjoyment learning about history first hand. 

I quite liked how they set the walk out. you walked where the train tracks use to be and some spots still are (or the remains of it) and all around you can find some bolts that kept the tracks in place. We wanted to walk the whole track back didn't think we would in the first place so never took any water with us and besides that it was in the bush and no form of communication for if we got lost. 

I would have like to see all the old building that were down the track and some spots they mined at. For this experience we give Kundip Rest Area a 2/5 Carrots. 
We were not eaten by the people sitting on those chairs and for the history in the area made it very interesting. 

Next stop Esperance - Yay

21 May 2013

Hassie Adventure - Week 6

What a week it's been!!! For me it felt like we traveled around the world in an hour.

I am currently sitting in Horsham (Victoria) and I will be doing this post in a day by day form as we did a lot and I need to keep tract how and when we got where.

Lets start at

Friday (week5) we left to for Esperance stayed at Kundip Rest Area. It was a scary place at night but very interesting and historical in the morning when we walked around, but more on that on "Hassie Adventure Spots". Worked from 07:00 - 13:00 and drove 310km about 3 hours drive!

Saturday to Tuesday we stayed in Esperance, had a each day, drove around and enjoyed the weather. Since Albany is always raining the sunny weather was welcomed with open arms. The reason we stayed in Esperance for 3 night and not just drive through everything like we did, was because E ordered a manual for Van Gogh and they said it will be deliver after the weekend (this weekend was a long weekend so Post office only opened on Tuesday) so we didn't rush Esperance. I will be doing a "Hassie Adventure Spot" too. Keep an eye out!!

Tuesday came and E and I hVe been talking about this trip non stop, guess you can say we are just a little exited for the drive ahead and to feel like we are actually traveling around Australia. We went to the post office, expecting our parcel. They informed us that the post only just got the delivered and that we should only return tomorrow after they sort out everything to see if it actually got the delivered to Esperance Post Office. I was feeling annoyed that we have to wait around another day, E was furious. He rung the place we ordered it from to see if we can track it and then spend 15min on the phone with Australian Post who then told him since Esperance is a Rural town it will only be there Friday/Monday. We asked for express post thinking it will be next day delivery but since it was a public holiday we had ti wait till the post office opened again on Tuesday. Tuesday came and then finding out that express post doesn't work for rural towns was something we didn't expect nor were we informed until we actually inquired.
Either way after having lunch we took the road to South Australia. We drove 383km and stopped at a rest area somewhere on the Nallarbor before Balladonia.

Wednesday we drove on and did 563km, stopped at the "town" Just before the Western Australian and South Australia border -Eucla. Now the towns we came across was really only a roadhouse, motel, cafe and gas station all in one! Clever since that's really all people want when they are driving on the Nallarbor. The reason we stopped before the border was to use all our fresh veggies and fruit up since WA and SA have such struck rules on the fruit fly. So made stir fry with all our veggies and almost 2 oranges each and knew we still had to try and finish a whole bag! We also had a time change Eucla is 45min before Perth, and then there would be a other at the border (20km away), not that it actually made a difference. Kind of silly if you ask me, Eucla might as well have stayed on Perth time and only left the time change at the border.
I almost for got that we actually got the drive the straightest road in Australia - 90 Miles or 149km.

Thursday we woke up early took our time had breakfast, tea and a few oranges (still didn't finish the bag). We ended up leaving our oranges in the campers kitchen hoping someone might eat it, in stead of us throwing it away and letting it waste!
Ready for another long day of driving. 20km away we hit the border, no one stopping us to check for fruit or veg, nothing!! I was fairly annoyed that no one cared to tell us that when you drive out of WA the quarantine check is only in Ceduna, quite a few km away, we could have bad a few more oranges on the road!!!
We did quite a few things on the road on this day!

  •  saw one of the BIG things in Australia
  •  crosse the border
  •  drove the Nallarbor Plain dessert
  •  saw the famous Australian road sign
  •  whale at the Nallarbor gas station
  •  the actual went thru quarantine
  •  stopped in middle of Australia and took a photo
  •  drove at night and our lights stopped working
  • And drove a whopping total of 904km in one day!!!

Today (Friday) another big day, we drove 736km, drove thru Adelaide CBD, crossed the South Australia and Victoria border, had a time change (now 3 hours in front of Perth) and ended pooped in the van doing this blog!
Hopefully not to far till Melbourne then a few days to enjoy the city life.


  • Km driven this week: 2925
  • Places of interest:
    • Kundip Heritage Trail
    • Twilight Beach
    • Cape Le Grand National Park
    • 90 Mile straight roan in Australia
    • Big whale in Eucla
    • Nallarbor plain dessert
    • Kimba (middle of Australia)
  • Paid Accommodation:
    • Pink Lake Tourist Park (Esperance) $35
    • Cape Le Grand National Park (Esperance) $9 pp
    • Eucla Caravan Park (Eucla) $15
    • Wimmera Lakes Caravan Park (Horsham) $24
  • $$ Spent: $651.34 (excluding gas)
  • Gas:
    • Litres - 385.13L
    • $ - $651.21
  • Places -
    1. Esperance
    2. Norsman
    3. Balladonia
    4. Caiguna
    5. Madura
    6. Eucla
    7. Nallarbor
    8. Nundroo
    9. Ceduna
    10. Wudinna
    11. Port Augusta
    12. Adelaide
    13. Tintinary
    14. Horsham

17 May 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 3: Stirling Ranges National Park

While in Albany we had a few days off and disappeared to the Stirling Ranges.

This beautiful location was lovely to see as I am use to mountain but as some might know that Australia doesn't really have mountain but actually hills. These we a surprise to encounter.

The range of mountains and few hills spans for over 60km from west to east stretching from the highway between Mount Barker and Cranbrook eastward past Gnowangerup. They include features like Toolbrunup, Bluff Knoll which is the tallest peak in the Southwestern Region and the silhouette called the Sleeping Princess which is visible from the Pornongurup Ranges. Many come to bush walk, abseil and gliding.

While in the Stirling Range National Park E and I actually Climbled Bluff knoll. I did a post on his previously if you would like to read it (Click Here).

Around the National Park is a few smaller towns which we drove thru but stopped at a particular spot called Amelup where there is a sign E and I took some Naughty photo of our self. I have done a post on that as well if you would like to read that (Click here)

The National Park is really well known for its staggering range of wildflowers - more that 1000 different species, some not found elsewhere.

E and I stayed here for 2 Nights, each night a different spot

  1. The Caravan park in the National park - cost us $14.
  2. The Stirling Range Retreat - cost us $32 for a powered site.
We give this location a 3/5 carrots. 
E and I enjoyed our selfs for the few days we spent there. We accomplished a goal we didn't think we wanted to do, but glad we did. For this we are happy to give it 3 Carrots of entertainment.
Lets see where the next spot will be.


14 May 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spots 2 - Albany

Our First real stop since we started our Hassie Adventure was Albany. Albany is a port city in the Great Souther region of WA. Albany is about 418km SE of Perth and according to Wikipedia its the 6th Larges city in Western Australia.

E and I spend a total of 31 nights in Albany area. We choose to stay between Cosy Corner East and West which is a free camp site. We saw a lot of travellers from Germany, France and a lot of retired couples from Australia.

E and I soon realised we don't easily socialise with campers of our age but find it comforting to start a conversation with the older generations choosing to camp around Albany. We concluded that our generation judges easily or just don't care to make conversation and that might be us included.

While in Albany we:

  • Went to Shelly Beach
  • Visited the Southern most point of Western Australia
  • Went to Dog Rock
  • Walked on Middelton Beach
  • Walked past the Amity Boat
  • Bought wine and candles at Berthalomews Meadery (Denmark)
  • Attended the Porongorup Wine Festival
  • Got wine at Wingnals Winery
  • Driven to Borden
  • Saw a 16 story Windmill
  • Took Nude photos at the "Caution Nudist Crossing" Sign
  • Climbed Mt Bluff Knoll
I would say we did quite a bit and still managed to enjoy our time there, besides the rain.

I worked 2 weeks while E enjoyed doing nothing. We redirected or mail - but didn't receive much. 

Touristy things we recommend you should do but we didn't
  • Visit the Natural Bridge and Gap
  • Go see the Western Power Wind farm
  • Have a picnic at Cosy Corner West
  • Take a small drive to Denmark
These things E and I have done in the past but not this time while in Albany. It rains almost all the time which makes the country nice and green. 

For tourist its really accommodating, Free showers (hot water), free drinking water, Lovely environment and all in all a peaceful town, If it didn't rain as much it could have been better. 

     We would Give Albany 

If you do choose to visit Albany make sure to visit the Website. 


10 May 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure Spots 1: Yornaing Dam

This was the first place we stopped on our Hassie Adventure. Its a small rest /picnic area where a few people were sleeping. E and I stopped Van Gogh and got settled. Being the first night we were both exited to sleep in the van for the first time and see how we will be feeling the next day.

It got dark fairly quick after we stopped and made dinner and soon found our self in the van reading. While reading we soon realised there was millions of midges collecting around our lights. Now you might think what is going on? but I can tell you it was me forgetting to close the slide door and letting in millions of annoying little insects to roam our van. 

**I have learned since then**
E and I will give this facilities a 2/5 carrots. Its close to a main road which is a good thing. There is a dam which you are advised not to swim in or you will be getting Meningitis - very nice?? 
There is a toilet (Long Drop) and a play ground area next to the dam, no worries if your kids start playing with the water from the dam.. hmm

Its free that is all that matters

3 May 2013

Photo a Day (1Month)

For my New Years Resolutions this year I wanted to take a photo of myself for 1 year. I have successfully done this for more than a month and thought I'd share with you my first months worth of Photo a Day Travel Diary Entry.

Now let me explain what I mean by this. I have created a section on this blog Call Daily Photo Travel Diary - This is where you can see all of my Photo a Day photos of myself since we have started our Hassie Adventure. If you want to see all of them to this day Click - Here

For this post click on any photo and it will redirect you to my Tumblr Page where I have been posting a daily diary entry of that day the photo was taken.

This is my first month of Photo a Day photo's and I must stress how proud I am for doing this and remembering to take a photo. Although I did miss one day this month, But I made up for it by taking 2 on the same day - Cheating maybe? but lets see if you can notice.

Click on each photo for that days Diary entry.


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