29 Jul 2016

Hindu Temple

While doing some research I came across some beautiful photos of a very colourful building, little did I know at the time it's was temple! Mentioning to E, we said if it's easy to get to we will go, if not we will see if there is tour available from our hotel! 

On our last full day we did half tour where we got to see the temple and tick it off from our todo list! It's was amazing to see the beautiful colour and understand the meanings behind it. We didn't get to stay very long as the tour group we we’re with all were in the bus waiting for us to return. 

Egan had to wear a sarong to cover up and we had to take our shoes off. The pavement was so hot that it really burned our feet. We did have a giggle at the sign that said caution wet floor. 

If it was for us we would have stayed longer and get some more amazing photos. You were not allowed to take photo inside where there was amazing painting on the roof with meaning behind them. It was so beautiful and made me think about how much people put into a building because of religion and care for something special to them. 

Was so special to be part of something they care for. 

28 Jul 2016

Vuda Lookout

A beautiful 360degree lookout on a property linked with the tour group! As much as the day we went it was muggy and not so clear view to see out to the island. 

Here we got to see the sleeping giant mountain, the village we just stopped at and on clear days the islands out in the bay. With our tour we got to spy and take photos and sit and enjoy some fruit and a juice while taking in all of Fiji! 

For E and I, feel like it was a great way to end Fiji on because we got to see island, enjoyed snorkelling and relaxed at the hotel. This was more of an cultural experience and just and over all good sign off to our holiday!

27 Jul 2016


We got to visit one of the villages on main land Fiji and is said to be the first settlers village. All the locals always would point out the village when travelling to the island or day tours. During our day tour seeing the land we got to experience the village. 

Personal I did not enjoy the village experience because its said, that one of the locals who lives in the village, will show us around but we were only walked to the coast where they fish and then into the church and explained where everyone sits before shown the stalls where we can purchase local artefacts. We were told prior to entering the village that the stalls are their only source of income and that we shouldn't feel we need to buy anything. 

I did not think about the village prior to our visit there and we didn't really feel the need to see it, but seeing it was part of our tour we tried to really be open minded. 

It was a great experience but felt a bit pressured to buy some bit and bobs due to the recent cyclones they really needed some money. 

26 Jul 2016

Sleeping Giant Gardens

When you arrive at Fiji and get in your taxi/transfer you hopefully got a kind driver like we did. He gave us tips, advise and told us about the 'land' soon you get to the biggest round about in Fiji we were told about the mountain in front of us - Sleeping giant. If you look closely you can see it sleeping on its back. 

So when one of our tour included a trip to the sleeping giants orchid Gardens we were exited to see what all the fuss is about. 

We got shown around and told about all the orchids that got shipped from Singapore and how pineapples grow we got to enjoy some 'alone' time taking photos of our choice. Naturally E and I ventured into 'Forrest' to find a hammock and enjoy some laughs trying to get the best shot before the timer goes off. 

The only thing I'd recommend if you are going is to take some insect replant - there is mozzies like there is sand!! I got gobbled up!! 

So much fun!!

25 Jul 2016

Fruit Market

Fruit Market
Kava Roots

Fruit Market
Colours of the Markets

Fruit Market
Sour Sop - that isn't sour at all but very sweet.
It is said to be good for your kidneys and if your have any problems with your urinary tract. 

As much as we wanted to relax we wanted to make sure we got to experience some kind of local food, market or environment that doesn't yell out 'TOURISM'.

While in Nadi and later on a tour we got to enjoy the fruit market m. The fruit on Fiji island is the sweetest and most addictive I've ever came around! From trying one piece of pineapple to eating the whole one with in seconds! 

We got to see what the kava root looks like and how cheap vegetables, fruit and spices are there compared to back home. We even go to try a fresh soursop - we usually have juice back home but it's only comes frozen! It was oh so sweet, delicious and sticky!! 

The colours in the fruit markets was just beautiful, it looked like the saturation has been turned up. 

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