13 Jul 2016

Bounty island




We only booked 2 tours back home and left ourselves open for more opportunities when we arrive at the hotel and see what is offered! E and I both wanted to experience the islands as everywhere we go we keep hearing about the clear water and white sands. 

After some time discussing and browsing we both agreed on PJ's Bounty island sail tour. It offered  snorkelling, bbq lunch, feeding turtles and who know what else we didn't even read on the brochure. 
Like the Cloud 9 tour we had to be ready early - so alarms went off and breakfast had and off we go to the marina again, this time there is a few more people waiting to get on the boat with us. 

Hour and half later while we got to enjoy smooth water and clear skies while eating beautiful fruit we made it to Bounty Island. 

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