8 Jul 2016

Sheraton Resort


This is our room! Nothing fancy but seeing that we were not planning on staying in our room the whole time, what's the point on paying for a a room what will stand empty while we are exploring Fiji land? 

We can't be happier with how things have turned out! We have a beautiful view of the oceans and you can see it from bed! The Staff is a nice and lovely and even tho we don't leave our towels on the floor (universal rule to get new clean towels) we still get clean towels our beds are made and complimentary water filled! 

Going back home will be harder than thought I like having someone cleaning after me! Seeing that we are joined with 2 other hotels we have access to their facilities as well as ours - restaurants and pools more than needed!! 

So far we are in heaven with Fiji's beauty!!

We give you 3 Hassie Carrots for your Great location and amazing views. 

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