26 Jul 2016

Sleeping Giant Gardens

When you arrive at Fiji and get in your taxi/transfer you hopefully got a kind driver like we did. He gave us tips, advise and told us about the 'land' soon you get to the biggest round about in Fiji we were told about the mountain in front of us - Sleeping giant. If you look closely you can see it sleeping on its back. 

So when one of our tour included a trip to the sleeping giants orchid Gardens we were exited to see what all the fuss is about. 

We got shown around and told about all the orchids that got shipped from Singapore and how pineapples grow we got to enjoy some 'alone' time taking photos of our choice. Naturally E and I ventured into 'Forrest' to find a hammock and enjoy some laughs trying to get the best shot before the timer goes off. 

The only thing I'd recommend if you are going is to take some insect replant - there is mozzies like there is sand!! I got gobbled up!! 

So much fun!!

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