18 Jul 2016

Snorkelling in Fiji

We never really thought about snorkoning here in Fiji, we both have done so before and even when booking our tour to Bounty Island we didn't think much about that option. 

On our way bounty we started to get fitted for our flippers and organising our bits for snorkelling. There was so many kids and people it's soon got overwhelming with taking your things on or off the boat and then weather the boat will stay or go while we snorkel. I ended up leaving my things on the boat with the understanding that the boat will stay - it didn't, so that meant I didn't have my ear plugs to prevent water from going in. So I couldn't go snorkelling and was happy to miss out and walk back. Just as E and I started to walk back on of the crew members -Richard - said that it will take us to long to walk to where the boat is and back and therefore will miss out on snorkelling. He then suggested if we wait he will take us out later - just E and I so we can snorkel and see some of the coral here. 

That's was unexpected but so kind and lovely. It would mean we will miss the coconut carving and the feeding of the turtles. Hey the water is so lovely and a personal snorkelling GUIs - who is complaining.  

We never expected this by leaving my bag behind but what a joy - we got to touch coral and see starfish. 

Defiantly an experience we will never forget.

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