11 Jul 2016

Cloud 9

A floating bar - who wouldn't?? Both E and I choose 1 thing we wanted to do in Fiji and I picked Cloud 9!! 

First tour organised for our trip and what a great one to start with!! We got collected by a Bula bus and off we went! Signed our life's away and signing a no liability waivers so we can't sue if we fall off and drown because we are drunk! On the Exitor and 35mins later we made it to cloud 9 and guess what? We are the first boat to dock - sun beds for us!! 

We were aware that it could get crowded and the likely hood of having a dumbed was slim to none! Reading reviews and knowing how upset people where when they arrived after us claiming the 'booked' a sun bed really proves how lucky we were when we jump on!! 

With our 'ticket we got one BiG pizza and 2 drinks each! Besides being able to swim you got to jump of the decks if you wanted to! We have been warned that the current can be strong and it was but there is rope with a lifebuoy you can hold on to and just float!! 

It was the best thing to kick off our holiday with!! Sun, drinks and relaxing just what the doctor ordered! 

As a FYI I'd say if you wanted to use a good toilet best to do your number 1 in the ocean! Toilets aren't the best, but hey your out in the ocean on a floating bar can't expect a crazy toilet system like back home!! 

Best tour yet!!

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