7 Jul 2016


A word with many meanings in Fijian! People say it when you walk past them and it feels like we just about speak fluent Fijian, with the amount of Bula's we hear!! 

Hey it's Fiji, we made it! It's feels so surreal! We're surrounded by palm trees, clear ocean water and tropical weather (humidity).

We're staying on Denarau island - a man made one. We have been told by the locals that 20-30 years ago it was mainly water and mangroves, now looking at it now its a busy resort island! Apparently back in the day a guy bought the land and turned it into what it is today! Many thought he was crazy and wasting his money, well looking at it now, I can tell you that he defiantly would have made his money's worth and more! 

Denarau Island is about 20mins away by car from the main town Nadi! We got taken by bus/transfer by such a thoughtful and informative guide - Saneli. He was telling us about the land, villages and where to eat! Telling us where to visit and where it's safe - advising about the culture and how people are getting together and rebuilding after the cyclone. If we had cash on us we would have tipped him a descent amount for just the wealth of information he threw our way! (Tip for next international trip)

Besides the resorts on the island, you can purchase a water front holiday home for just FJ$1,000,000, that's just about a regular town house back home about AU$550,00. We know now where we can buy a house if it's to hard back home! Getting around on the island is so easy, besides walking and taxis you can always jump on the dollar bus - it's takes you from Nadi to Denarau and back to Nadi for literally only a dollar! Some have no windows and we have been told that it's because there is no 'air con' so with out windows is only better and a experience!! 

No amount of research can prepare you for all of this its all so worth it though!!

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