1 Jul 2016

Instagram - June



  1. Draw me like one of your french girls - Working in the community I get to meet a lot of animals of all kinds. Lately I am falling in love with the cats.
  2. Cold park days enjoying some yummies - This is our local park and the best yummies so why not enjoy it all the time.
  3. Meow, meow, Prr - More community cats that has my heart
  4. Ready or not here I come - E really does make me so happy. We were listening to music on the carpet and we were cuddling and enjoying the moment. When I got up to warm up dinner when I turn to see E hiding. Gahh I love him.
  5. Working with a view - Community nursing lets you some amazing things and views. 
  6. Find what you love and let it kill you - mine is candles, fresh flowers and get company.

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