30 Jun 2016

Thoughts on our Hassie Fiji Adventure

Well Its been a long time planning - Our Hassie Fiji Adventure is finally here. Its not like I have mentioned it much since we have been planning but we have been planning since July 2015, and its finally here. I'm sitting in our lounge room with half packed bags surrounding me, working about missing our connecting flight and not being able to communicate with people we are ok/safe. 

This is a big adventure because it the first time E and Ihave actually left the country, separately we have got to the UK, Africa, Japan and singapore but now we are going together. I am worried. 

My thought on our get away adventure - is a bit like Bi-Polar, I am all over the place. One minuet I am exited as hell the other I want to crawl away and hide. Its so outside my comfort zone I think I can explode. 

Well we are going to do it!!

E and I made 5 Goals that we would like to achieve during our Fiji Adventure.

  • Come back alive
  • Get away from routine
  • Relax and enjoy ourselves
  • Experience the culture beyond tourist life
  • Let this be the start of something new

I am exited for the idea of this adventure but scared of the unknown. I wanted to say I'll miss everyone but honestly its kinda nice to getaway!!

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