1 Jun 2016

Instagram - May

  1. City Market Feels - We have the city markets just across the road. So we try our best to get our fruit and veg straight form the farmers. 
  2. Fresh Flowers for Days - I was gifted roses from one of my clients gardens and it made the apartment smell delicious. 
  3. From Where I Stand - We got to enjoy the beautiful secret garden here in Perth while the mosquitos nibbled at my feet.  
  4. Its The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Autumn, its my favourite season. 
  5. When the other half is patient with you, because your not the best at cycling - We went to Rottnest and cycled around the island. 
  6. Life is Shorts. Make each hair flip Fabulous - I did a something big with my hair... LOVE IT!
You know the drill....@chante_cm11

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