6 Jun 2016

Mapping your Last Name

I have recently been interested in my family history and the origin of last name and where we came from. Seeing this will be my 5th Year as Mrs Campbell-Morrison, I thought it would be nice to see where E's family came from and his history seeing that it is just as much mine now.

Today I stumbled across a website which maps out your last name in the world. So naturally I typed in my last name and was so surprised at the facts. As you can see above there isn't many Campbell-Morrisons in the world and to think I am only 1 of 19 is crazy. 

From what I know from E's side is that  Campbell may have been a middle name and somehow got connected to the last name prior to E's grandfather birth. I can't seem to really find proof of actually name change or what it officially happened but all up to E's grandfathers name its the personas first name then Campbell as a second then Morrison officially as the last name. After E's Grandfather the hyphen started to appear Gordon Campbell-Morrison and so did the history of this new Last name start (I think).

After seeing my current last names map I wanted to see my maiden names mapping, and well not as easy - and mostly likely explains why I have so much difficulty finding information on my families history. There is just too many people with that last name and were all over the world. 

I found this so interesting that I want to continue looking at our history. Its so crazy to try and comprehend how much history has already been documented and here we are doing even more.

Mapping your surname HERE

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