17 Jun 2016

A Hopeful Future

I just watched a ‘’vlog’ and was inspired to write about the future I imagined with E quite early in the beginning of Our time. 

Thinking back to those days where love was drowning my brain in endorphins and just could not wait for a life with E.  I am not the kind to wish up a fairy tail of castles, diamonds and price charming, I just always wanted to be happy. 

Saying that I realised quite early on in our relationship that he will be the one I marry, it really was like a ‘ahha’ moment where, (and I can still remember it like yesterday) I was sitting on my bed reading, when my thoughts literally made me stop. I just casually came to a thought about a husband and it had a face to the person and I remember being so happy that I knew who my person was and what life had in stall for me. I never told E that - he needed (and did) to have that moment to him self. 

As a relationship builds you start talking of life, jobs, travels and family. I have always been around loud, noisy and at time annoying family and knew I wanted something similar, now that doesn’t mean a rugby team full of kids but a happy amount (that leaves me open to how many we ever please). 

I did how ever imagine seeing the world with E and as much as I never thought It would actually happen, I am ever so happy that we are and I get to enjoy the ongoing future with my happy. 

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