29 Apr 2015

London Arch (Great Ocean Road)

Formerly known as London Bridge as there use to be 2 arches. In 1990 one collapsed leaving 2 people stranded to be collect by a helicopter few hours later. 

The arches are made from from erosion and Egan farts as you can see he is very amused by it all.

25 Apr 2015

Bay Of Islands (Great Ocean Road)

Yes I look like a a creep. It was very bright and windy as anything.

23 Apr 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 63 - Port Campbell

Port Campbell was a spot I wanted to stay and even placed on our roof goals. There isn't a reason I wanted to go there but for the Campbell part.

The town is small and when we got to stay it was over cast and raining. My favourite kind of weather.  After an exiting day of sightseeing and crowds sitting in the camper kitchen and having the world creamiest cheese toasting talking to every camper walking thru the door was an absolute bliss.

Its slowly becoming real that we soon will be home and this may be all a blur of memories but sitting here and enjoying the rain, company and food sure will make this a hard memory to forget.

We give this spot 4 Hassie Carrots.


21 Apr 2015

Thunder Cave (Great Ocean Road)

It is known as Thunder Cave because the water hit the back of the cave and make a 'thunder' noise. The Cave has been created due to years of erosion.


17 Apr 2015

The Gibson Step (Great Ocean Road)

The Gibson Steps only refers to the steps going down to the stretch of beach. I can image if the weather was better it would be lovely to sunbath and swim in. Just breath taking.

15 Apr 2015

12 Apostles (Great Ocean Road)


If you talk to anyone about the Great Ocean Road - the first thing they talk about is the 12 Apostles. This is the Great Ocean Road post card image, everyone comes to to see these 'pillars' that has survived crashing waves and strong winds.

Yes I know there isn't actually 12 "pillars" but guess there use to be but over the years they break/fall from the pressure of the waves and wind.
Driving up towards them you are still star struck by the beautiful ocean vies and cliffs, not many cars and people around until you hit this spot. CRAZY! The amount of people getting off tour busses and walking across the road trying to see the beautiful view, lines for the toilet and lines for the line for the toilet, just crazy!!

We got in and left soon after snapping some photos and reliving the crows trying to cross the road. Either way still Absolutely beautiful. Well worth the crowds.

13 Apr 2015

Great Ocean Road

For some time now - each time we mention we have driven from Western Australia we always got asked d"id we do the Great ocean road" and we could only answer 'No we didn't'.

On our way home.... this was number one reason we choose to drive back home the bottom way of Australia.

It is really amazing to drive between beautiful cliffs and seeing amazing ocean views.
We did record a video of use driving and if you don't get car sick this is where you can see it (HERE)

It just beautiful... Highly recommended if you ever get the opportunity to drive from one side of Australia to the next!!

11 Apr 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 62 - BIG4 Anglesea Holiday Park

We were hoping to be further down the road and closer to home but E wanted to get something 'for the future' which happened to be golf clubs - lie we will be professionally golf players back home! Well we got some golf clubs (at a bargain) and E made sure to get me a golf hat - so I didn't miss out. 

Anyway by the time E finished his shopping spree it was 6pm and the sun is going to bed! So that meant for us to seek shelter. There was no free camps around but we did find a well kept caravan park with Kangaroos (real ones at that) with an indoor heated swimming pool. 

Well naturally we enjoyed a dip in the pool, shower in the unisex bathroom  and a cuddle to keep warm. 

All in all we enjoyed it and loved waking up to kangaroos next to our van. 

4 Hassie Carrots for you!!

9 Apr 2015


I never thought I would eat wild mushrooms, especially after you hear horrific stories of people picking mushrooms in the woods and dying from intoxicating poisoning levels. 

Well guess you will do anything for love. When E asked me to spot in beside to road between the Pine Trees. I  stopped thinking her may beed to pee, but to my surprise we went hunting for some wild Pine mushrooms...

I never heard of these before nor tried them from a shop, E reassured me they were 100% safe if they are the kind he thought they were. 

They were absolutely huge and smelt like fresh rain and when we cooked them (E tried it first and did not die) tasted YUMMO!! We had them pan friend with some rice or was it bread. Gosh I can only remember how delicious the mushrooms tasted that who knows what we had with them.

I certainly don't recommend you pick any kind of mushrooms unless your 100% sure they are safe for eating. After we had dinner and my anxiety about dying, E reassure me that they actually cooked with these mushrooms up on the mountain. He could have told me sooner. 

7 Apr 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 61 - Benalla Leisure Park


This caravan park has made such a good impression on us - we will be recommending it to everyone we know going thru Benalla.

It's been a sad, wet, rainy day and al we wanted is to have dinner and go to sleep! Organising ourself isn't as easy as just 'quickly do this' and 'that' it takes time to get to Van ready for bed! 

We were planning on sleeping and waking up super early to hit the road again but that changed as soon as we found out we could have complimentary Pancakes. How amazing is that?

So we woke up and got the van ready for our day and waited, waited for the time to come to enjoy our pancakes. It wasn't served with no 'ifs', 'buts' or 'maybe' we got plate size pancakes with a smile.

We give this spot 4 Hassie carrots as a way to someone's sold is thru their stomach! 


5 Apr 2015

MT kiziosko


The tallest mountain in Australia and we were there. I would have like to say I climbed it or made an effort to but the day we chose to was cold and wet, not my favourite of days!! 

Driving thru the national park you notice the change in scenery and realise just how much life on these mountains has change to accommodate to the colder months. E and I made a mental point to visit here in the winter when it's all covered in white snow and reasons for fires to snuggle up next to!

We did get to enjoy the beautiful views the park has to offer and reassured us of the choice we made to come this way wasn't for nothing! 

Till we meet again 

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