15 Apr 2015

12 Apostles (Great Ocean Road)


If you talk to anyone about the Great Ocean Road - the first thing they talk about is the 12 Apostles. This is the Great Ocean Road post card image, everyone comes to to see these 'pillars' that has survived crashing waves and strong winds.

Yes I know there isn't actually 12 "pillars" but guess there use to be but over the years they break/fall from the pressure of the waves and wind.
Driving up towards them you are still star struck by the beautiful ocean vies and cliffs, not many cars and people around until you hit this spot. CRAZY! The amount of people getting off tour busses and walking across the road trying to see the beautiful view, lines for the toilet and lines for the line for the toilet, just crazy!!

We got in and left soon after snapping some photos and reliving the crows trying to cross the road. Either way still Absolutely beautiful. Well worth the crowds.

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