8 Jan 2016

New Years Resolutions 2016

Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel like every year we do better at ticking off our New Years Resolutions as done. Either that or we are being more specific at what we would like to accomplish. 

This is our 2016 - To Do:
  1. Continue with my Photo a Day - yes, I know this one again but like I always say - I want to see how long I can do it for.
  2. Make sure we have hassie time - As much as this is something we tend to do. I feel it is healthy to continue to try and make more time for each other.
  3. Have a exercise routine - I continue wanting to be motivated to more exercise with out coughing my lungs out.
  4. Work to be debt free - This is going to hopefully something of the past this year. I am going to put it out there in the world for it to become a reality. 
  5. Read (my age) 25 books - I didn't do very well last year but adding one more book can always be more motivation. 
  6. Make more active plans to travel overseas - We want to see more than what is at our disposal. Why not try and go to more places.
  7. Go on mini adventures - While waiting for BIG adventures lets try and joy mini adventures just out our door. 
  8. Eat more conscientiously - again be more aware where our food is coming from and be more aware what we are eating. 
  9. Continue Save money to travel - Saving money is always a bonus but having to save for travels makes life more exiting. 
  10. Be out in nature more - I feel like there is a reassuring theme this year, and it more around being more outside of our little Rabbit Hole life. 
  11. Be more adventurous - trying to do more physical things, like kayaking, hiking and maybe who knows something I can't even thing of. 
Lets Look Back:

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