15 Jan 2016

A Well Deserved Break

I know it doesn't seem like we have been back to real life for long here on blog land but to tell you the truth it's been like more than a year!! Can you believe it!! E and I have been stuck in a 'normal' routine for a whole year. 

As you have read (maybe) we are trying to get our finance in order for our next step and doing that means we work and only dream about our future adventures away. Oh man are we dreaming (post on that later).

Anyway E and I FINALLY have sometime for mini adventures!! Woooh! 

So what I mean by mini adventures, I mean literally only a week - wish we had more but 1 weeks is good for now. 

As I write this I'm in bed - trying to sleep as I still have one more day of adult life (work) to go while E is already on holiday mood! We have a plan of just driving up the Western Australin coast. We have 3 destinations in mind and but really will see where the road will takes us. 

3 Destinations 
- Jurien bay (for the Pinnacles)
- New Norcia (cause we have been trying to go forever)
- York (cause I have been told it's pretty) 
- Then everything in between.

Watch this space I'll tell you all about our mini adventure as it happens.

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