20 Jan 2016

Jurien Bay

We made it to Jurien bay and got to tick off one of our 'To Do'.

It's a strange feeling to be on the road, almost like we never 'settled'. Music playing and van rattling we are ready for s mini adventure - first stop Pinnacles. 

Let's run they the day...

Work up about 7:30am ish and E was already (dressed)- he must be exited. I started packing, yes I know we should have had things ready before, I packed clothes and bits and bobs. 

Carry everything down stairs to check if the Van is all good to go. Detour to E dads place because he left his phone there! So frustrating!! 

It didn't feel like a long drive - we must be exited for being back in the van and getting away from the routine world we have so easily got use to again! 

We popped into the Pinnacles (read seperate    post) and drove into Jurien Bay - it's much smaller than what it looks like on the map! 10km outside of the town we found the turn off to Sandy Cape Bay! '7km dirt road' - we can do that!! 

I think our insides were scrambled with the road being so corrugated - the boom!! This beautiful world hits you!!  

If only we planned on staying longer!! Till we see you again!  

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