22 Jan 2016


If you have been reading my blog for some time, you would notice a reassuring pattern - E always convince me to go somewhere other than the original plan. This time we drove to Geraldton - Just cause we haven't been there before.

Now I'd like to mention that it is a further 2hours drive the complete opposite way we would have needed to drive the new day which is to New Norcia. New Norcia is 2 hours on the way home from Jurien Bay, now we have doubled the drive. He can be glad I enjoy driving as much - especially when there isn't many people on the road, and some lovely land scape to enjoy.

I hear you asking - Yes, it was worth it in the end, just look at the beautiful beach spot we got to enjoy! Geraldton as a town alone, I can't really comment on seeing we only stopped at the Macas and tried the Create Your Own burger for the first time before looking for a spot to stay at.

What a beautiful place we stumbled across, and maybe it just helped that the weather was amazing as well.

This is defiantly the spot the remember.

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