14 Jan 2016

House Keeping

You might be reading the blog and find my post are all over the place and confusing at times! 
Thought, well seeing it's the new year - I need to clear the air on how things are posted here! 

I try and post regularly on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday's! I like to have my post to be in date order of how they happen therefore I often write a lot at schedule them a head of time. I can at times be so far ahead in scheduled post that things like new year and Christmas could be posted mid way through the year! 

There will be times where I don't feel like writing anything or have anything I feel is worth sharing. Writing everything down and posting them takes a lot of time and energy so there are some times where I don't write for months but seeing sometimes I have a few post scheduled ahead of time - give me the time to relax and grain some strength. 

Saying all of this - I'd like to remind everyone that this is my online memory box. I like to record memories to look back on and remember the good times! 

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