6 Jan 2016

New Year Resolution 2015 - Review

Another year go and one to look back on and reflect - Lets see how well we did this year.
  • Continue with my Photo a Day - I have done 3 years now. 
  • Spend more time together - Setting back in to life here in Perth, has made us enjoy our time together but also making time for ourselves.
  • Be more open to try something new - with many physical things I always tried to be welcoming but even with emotional things.
  • Have a exercise routine - I feel like we have been exposed to the fitness bug on our own terms, in a sense that we have been willing to go for runs and walks. Saying that I also feel like we haven't been putting ourself down when we have not been motivated to do so.
  • Save money to travel - Well we have 2 overseas trips planned for the year - I would say so. 
  • Have little to no debt - We got a loan to pay off our credit cards and that has pushed us over the edge to the point of no debt. 
  • Read (my age) 24 books - No, not at all, I kinda crashed after reading 4 books. This year I have found it very hard to be motivated. I realised my mind was occupied with other things, so instead I have been drawing more.
  • Make active plans to travel overseas - Yes 2 trips around the corner
  • Focus on things we re passionate about - I feel like we have been passionate about what we want from life and what we want to experience. Saying this we can always push more and achieve our goals.  
  • Go on mini adventures - We have been on a few but we can always do more. 
  • Eat more conscientiously - It been a start to something difficult.  
6 Out of 11 is much better that what we have done previously.

Look Back:

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