31 Aug 2012

Photo a Day Challenge....

Lets see if I am able to do this challenge....

I have started them numerous times saying I WILL... but by the 3, 4 day I forget or can't find a photo I am happy with so I end up giving it up.

I am going to try and do this one.... Well hopefully!

Try with me if you like!
Love Always Hassie

25 Aug 2012

Oh Boy - Time-Lapse


My First Colour Drawing (pastels). Took me 8 Art Class (2 and half hours each class).
First of many to come. Its my long loved hobby, only now full filling my real talents.

21 Aug 2012

Snail Mail...

I'm Bringing snail mail back...

Leave me your postal address in the comment sections below or email it to me on ourranbithole11@gmail.com

I am a BIG fan on receiving some snail mail - but on reality only snail mail I ever get is BILLS!!

When we go on our Hassie Adventure I would like to send some post cards/letter to those who love old school mail!

I don't know how we will work on getting snail mail sent to us - as we won't be at a place long enough! Think email would have to do in reply :( BUT when we're back in Perth and settled, I will be expecting snail mail in return.

Be my pen pal!!!! Pwees...

20 Aug 2012

Picnic for two

Sundays being our 'chill out' days we wanted to just get out of the house and forget about our busy life.
We ended up at Lake Monger with a picnic for two. Reading our books eat our food, minding our own business when Mr Swan came to attack our picnic basket. Frighting I tell you - They bite. I rang for cover while E snapped some pics. 

Was an enjoyable day. I love Sundays with E.

15 Aug 2012

Glass Harps

This is unbelievable. E and I had a string quartet playing Pachelbel Cannon at out wedding, while I walk down the aisle sobbing. I don't have much of a memory hearing the song soon after I saw E.

We absolutely love this song and seeing it being preformed like this is amazing. If I knew this I would have loved to have this at the wedding.

Make sure you listen to the whole song and visit his website if you would like to try... I am defiantly going to and might post a video? depending on how I go...


Hope its been a good week. E has been home - sick yesterday and today but back to work and terrible hours tomorrow.

Love Always Hassie

12 Aug 2012

Lazy Sundays

What a nice lazy sunday. E and I are staying in and ordered some pizza. Sitting in the lounge room while its pouring down with rain. Listening to some music and the rain on the roof.

We slept in - which is always nice. 
Today we are just taking it easy and enjoying each others time. Thin we need to organise some of out Hassie Adventure and a trip down to Sydney in November.... Don't really feel like doing anything today but it needs to be done. 

Time goes so quick can't belief its already August - 3 months and then we have been married a year!!! OMG... that is just so surreal - just feel like the other day when we were planning the wedding and counting the days till the BIG day. Now its been and gone and only memories left. 
Life flies by REMEMBER to enjoy every second as if it is your last.

Enjoy your sunday

9 Aug 2012

Instagram - July

Here is some of my Instagram Photos of July : 

1. "Googolplex" - E was trying to explain how much he love me! Little does he know If had to write
     down how much I love him it would be a googolplexian! So I WIN! lol
    • Googolplexian: The worlds largest number with a name. A number 1 followed by a googolplex of zeros.
    • Googolplex: The second largest number with a name. A number 1 followed by a googol of zeros. 
    • Googol: A large number. A number 1 followed by one hundred zeros.
2. "My Sunshine" - At the Perth Art museum looking over the city. E is my everything.
3. "Pigtails" - I am Rocking my pigtails. I haven't worn my hair in pigtails since primary school. 
4. "Cracking me up" - Found this adorable, cute, laughing polar bear which I adore. It makes me smile 
   each time I look at it. A smile travels if you share it.
5. "Window" - I have Art class once a week and in the bathroom is the really old rustic window. One 
    class I noticed a rose in the window and just had to snap a shot. I love how great it looked.
6. "Idiot" - This idiot is my brother. He turned 16 in July and he wanted to go ice skating. Love this 
     photo of us. He is getting so much talker than me, even though I am 5 years older!!! 

I might share some of my IG photo each month. As you soon will notice I LOVE PHOTO among other things. 

6 Aug 2012

Red is My Shiny

Oh since I turned 21... I have been in love with red, or noticed I might have been for a while.

People have always said - "you look great is red" , " red is you color" and I thought they were blind or crazy!

But - now!?? I am in love with it, obsessed actually and E started it. Not that I'm complaining!

Let me explain - he bought me this AMAZING hat for my 21st birthday party (1950s dinner party) which goes great with my dress.

After I got the hat I got a red scarf and bright red shoes, just so that I have an outfit!

My E say's Red is My Shiny - which now I belief. I was like a little girl in a candy store ... Oober exited that I got a amazing red hat!!!

I wish that our fashion had some more pride and elegance, on how we portray our self pride! But thins have changed where people almost just wear their under wear , angers me so much! Leave something to the imagination!!

Nice quick note been kinda lazy this winter, been reading - finished that book REALLY good worth reading, seen the movie too but does no justice on the book at all!!  Going to go back to not doing much and that is including cleaning!!

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