29 Feb 2016

Adventure World

This was the start of a busy weekend and what a way to start!! E was invited by his work mates to go to a night session at adventure world (a water park), its only a smallish one in Perth! I have always been told about it but kinda never bothered to go, seeing 'I'm getting older" saying that we went and what fun!! 

First of all, as all girls worry - I didn't particularly want to be half naked I front of people E works with! I quickly got over that seeing we all were different sizes and shapes and felt right at home and comfortable. 
On the other note It was a Halloween night so people dressed like zombies my little bit of a tubby tummy is nothing scary compared to some crazy scary peeps that night! 
We started off by going to the biggest attraction to do with water and I never felt so much like a child again! After I went with the other on the roller coaster as E is to chicken! Well thank god my neck stayed attached because my that thing plucked and pulled you in all directions! Then to the end of the night we really just enjoyed each other's company while waiting for the fireworks!! I'd really like to do this again next year!! 

Ps. forgot to say the trouble to get there and home because of our car battery was unexpected and frustrating - Van Gogh I know we don't drive you much these days but be nice!! We got you a new hart so stay alive longer please!!

See Video we got featured in HERE

26 Feb 2016

Lounge picnic dinner

A long over due catch up with these lovely has finally happened. With schedules and general
Life getting in the way make its it hard at times to arrange get togethers. 

The original plan was to go to kings park and enjoy a picnic but since the day we choose it happens to rain we had to rearrange the location. Choosing to just do it o the floor in their lounge room was just perfect. 

Catching up on what life has thrown our way and future plans to come. Just enjoying a good glass of wine with amazing company makes the time fly. 

Until the next time

24 Feb 2016

Northside Family Dinner

Ever since E and I got to know James the bookstore owner better and really getting to know the other regulars who hang out at the books store just for a good chat.

We have been talking about it a lot but finally it happened with the help of Nako. We all organised to Bring plate (or just yourself) and get together in the bookstore with a glass of wine to enjoy a good old family dinner! 

It wasn't as big as we thought it would be but we surly enjoyed the conversation from apartheid to world wars! 

I think we should do something similar for Christmas!

22 Feb 2016

Family History - The Start




[Year: 1991]


Jean Pierre (Cousin) 

This is me in the blue dress the little boy next to me is my cousin Jean Pierre I am guessing I around 8 months. I don't have every many baby photos. It may be time for me to share some old family news. 

When I was 12 years old our house burned down and all our family photos with it. So on Facebook I have been asking family to send or upload some photos of our family and baby photos. I have been given so many and would like to save them somewhere other than Facebook. 

I won't necessary always write a whole history under the photos but mainly the year, occasion and who is in the photo.

This is my Family History

19 Feb 2016

Northside Books Move

Photos Taken by Hilda Tan
Follow her HERE on instagram - @hilda.tan
Its has been talked about for so long, now its finally here. This weekend E and I grabbed a bottle of red and joined in the good company while packing up a book store.

James has been in this little store way before we stated popping in and buying books, now he has the opportunity to expand into a bigger store just down the road. I know E and I will look back at these photos and remember to great nights and lovely company in this small spot. 

Here is to the new spot and great memories. 

17 Feb 2016

Planner - Fiji


It's that time again where we start ticking a 'New Years resolution' off our list. E and I are really making active plans on going aboard!!

It's taken some time and budget workouts for this to become a reality. As I write this we are going to Fiji in March 2016 for a few days. I cannot explain to you how exited I am for this new Hassie Adventure to happen. 

Currently our plan is the following: 
Fly from Perth
Land in Sydney
Fly from Sydney
Land in Nadi (Fiji)

To Do:
  • Cloud 9 
  • Helicopter/Sea Plan ride 
  • Beach days
  • Explore Nandi
  • Sipping cocktail and relaxing
Then leave from Nadi (Fiji) to land in Sydney Enjoy some family and mini's then return home to wait for the next holiday.

Is it ok to start a counting down? 

15 Feb 2016

Beef & Beer Festival

Who would of thought a festival with beer would tickle my fancy!??

E and I invited mum and dad for the experience of trying different local beers and beef yummys. Seeing the tickets only cost $25 each we couldn't miss out. I did organise a tasting glass for dad and E but each of us got given one when we walked in (shhh - think they made a mistake). 

Making our way around and trying all the beers we soon found a lovely spot in the sun, where we could relax and enjoy ourselves. 

It was a lovely experience and glad we got to enjoy it with the fam.

14 Feb 2016

Plasma Donation

A while back I wrote saying I started donating blood and encourage everyone to do the same (HERE). Well since starting to do so, I of course found out I'm blood type A+ which is the preferred blood type for plasma! 

So naturally I do plasma donation from now on. if you don't know hat plasma donation is - it's when they split your blood into the 'watery part' - plasma from your red and white blood cells which is replaced back to you. It takes longer and depends on your weight! 

First time they took 640g of plasma and then can increase depending on your weight! You can donate plasma ever 2/3 weeks as with whole bloods every 3 months.


10 Feb 2016

Birthday 24

It's not often that I get surprised. E said to me that he would be going for an early ride before work! Not thinking twice about it - we said our goodbyes while I went back to sleep for the last little bit before my alarm will be going off to go to work!

It felt like only a few mins when I hear our front door open again, I thought E forgot something he would only leave again so I turned around to go back to sleep!  E turned on the light on and as I turned around he had breakfast ready and coffee coming - Breakfast in bed and Maccas breakfast!! Even better!! 

Thank you my Hassie for making my day start with a full tummy!!

8 Feb 2016


When do you start Being an Adult? As a child I use to see people physically taler (older) and thinking “wow Groot Kinders” (Big Children). When I got to their age and most likely their hight I still didn’t feel like how I thought they were - older.

Seeing I just turned 24 (Yes I know older) I still don’t feel like I’m ‘Adulting', I mean some may argue since, well I’m married and do adult things like pay bills, work and other good things no one tell you about when your younger. I thought to myself am I an adult now? when do I become and adult? Is it in my actions, emotions or experience? 

Society say your an adult at age 18 (here in Australia) and science say that the brain only fully mature in your mid 20’s but what makes you an adult? I think about my Mamma who got married at 16 and had a baby (Me) at 17, did that make her an adult when she got married? or when she became a mamma and having that responsibility of another person too look after?

On that note though, I have friends my age who have little people depending on them and I don’t see them as ‘older’ or more Adult like than me. I just see them as some one with a little person. Then I look at E's bother who is older (by a few years) and now has two little people, if I really think about it I see them as more adult like that us, but is that the age difference or because they have children?

I asked my mum when she started feeling like an adult and she made a very interesting point. She said It was when she was responsible for her own life and did not depend on her parents anymore (added fact because they had me). Besides the little person part, I think that is maybe the key, its when your take on the responsibility of yourself and your actions and your just ‘ness’ in life. 

But my thought still are sorta unanswered, Do I feel like an adult?  Not really…. Will I ever?

I will keep you posted. Maybe ask yourself - 'Do you feel like an adult?'

5 Feb 2016


Do you remember these?

I remember getting one and waiting up till 12am just to rest the clock and get my little egg on the same time frame so we can sleep the same time. 
I remember trying to keep it alive while going to school and playing 'life'. Its crazy think how much this little thing has brought back so much memories.

Our good friends send me one, and just out of the blue, where I didn't even know who it came from. They remembered me talking about it and reminiscing about 'the good old days'.

Its has changed a lot seeing I have reset it each many a time by jut pressing 'select' twice in a row. It doesn't tell me how old it is (since I haven't reset it) but its still alive and hasn't died yet TOUCH WOOD. 

Thank you Hellen and Kuldar, its been so fun!!

3 Feb 2016

Year 24

So the one where I am officially a year older. Its not a earth shaking as 22 was, but now more of an acceptance of my age every year. 

Although as soon as I hit 23 I started forgetting how old I am and not in the ‘haha, I’m forever 21” way but more in “where did I put my keys, I just had it in my hand, oh its still there” kinda way. 

Sad realisation that you just Googled to see how old you really are but reassure to know others in the same year have done the same. 

I realised my body is getting old - I can’t do what I was able to do what feels like only yesterday. I am a lot more picky with what I eat, Not in “i should be healthy” but more in “I know what I like to eat” kinda way .I like to stay in, always really have but now I’m “old” enough and I can use that as an excuse. I no longer feel guilty for putting my needs first. 

Life is short and while E and I realised what we want to do in the next few year, you never know what lays a head. The excitement of the next year is something to look forward to - 25 may cause a bit of a freak out. Lets not think about it Chante'.

1 Feb 2016

Instagram - January

  1. Coffee with a view #bigcitylife - We and I often go out for coffees and this a lovely spot we came about the other day - This spot was Little Angle Coffee.
  2. I made him a #InstagramHusband - I never have been the person to o OOTD or here take my phone and get a photo of me wife but maybe I should, if there is a nice wall. So this is the first.
  3. The colour green - E made me walk thru the park, in a dead hot day but the trees was really nice.
  4. Be.YOU.Tiful - being you is always the most beautiful you could be. Don't be someone else because that what your think people want.
  5. So fill your heart with what's important and be done with all the rest! - E say on the couch with the light shining in. Had to make him sit for me to take a 'thoughtful picture'.
  6. Chante' : Will always be daddy's little girl  Dad: Will always love chocolate - This was Christmas day where I took selfies as we did Santa and gift exchange. 
You know what to do - @chante_cm11

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