29 Feb 2016

Adventure World

This was the start of a busy weekend and what a way to start!! E was invited by his work mates to go to a night session at adventure world (a water park), its only a smallish one in Perth! I have always been told about it but kinda never bothered to go, seeing 'I'm getting older" saying that we went and what fun!! 

First of all, as all girls worry - I didn't particularly want to be half naked I front of people E works with! I quickly got over that seeing we all were different sizes and shapes and felt right at home and comfortable. 
On the other note It was a Halloween night so people dressed like zombies my little bit of a tubby tummy is nothing scary compared to some crazy scary peeps that night! 
We started off by going to the biggest attraction to do with water and I never felt so much like a child again! After I went with the other on the roller coaster as E is to chicken! Well thank god my neck stayed attached because my that thing plucked and pulled you in all directions! Then to the end of the night we really just enjoyed each other's company while waiting for the fireworks!! I'd really like to do this again next year!! 

Ps. forgot to say the trouble to get there and home because of our car battery was unexpected and frustrating - Van Gogh I know we don't drive you much these days but be nice!! We got you a new hart so stay alive longer please!!

See Video we got featured in HERE

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