17 Feb 2016

Planner - Fiji


It's that time again where we start ticking a 'New Years resolution' off our list. E and I are really making active plans on going aboard!!

It's taken some time and budget workouts for this to become a reality. As I write this we are going to Fiji in March 2016 for a few days. I cannot explain to you how exited I am for this new Hassie Adventure to happen. 

Currently our plan is the following: 
Fly from Perth
Land in Sydney
Fly from Sydney
Land in Nadi (Fiji)

To Do:
  • Cloud 9 
  • Helicopter/Sea Plan ride 
  • Beach days
  • Explore Nandi
  • Sipping cocktail and relaxing
Then leave from Nadi (Fiji) to land in Sydney Enjoy some family and mini's then return home to wait for the next holiday.

Is it ok to start a counting down? 

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