8 Feb 2016


When do you start Being an Adult? As a child I use to see people physically taler (older) and thinking “wow Groot Kinders” (Big Children). When I got to their age and most likely their hight I still didn’t feel like how I thought they were - older.

Seeing I just turned 24 (Yes I know older) I still don’t feel like I’m ‘Adulting', I mean some may argue since, well I’m married and do adult things like pay bills, work and other good things no one tell you about when your younger. I thought to myself am I an adult now? when do I become and adult? Is it in my actions, emotions or experience? 

Society say your an adult at age 18 (here in Australia) and science say that the brain only fully mature in your mid 20’s but what makes you an adult? I think about my Mamma who got married at 16 and had a baby (Me) at 17, did that make her an adult when she got married? or when she became a mamma and having that responsibility of another person too look after?

On that note though, I have friends my age who have little people depending on them and I don’t see them as ‘older’ or more Adult like than me. I just see them as some one with a little person. Then I look at E's bother who is older (by a few years) and now has two little people, if I really think about it I see them as more adult like that us, but is that the age difference or because they have children?

I asked my mum when she started feeling like an adult and she made a very interesting point. She said It was when she was responsible for her own life and did not depend on her parents anymore (added fact because they had me). Besides the little person part, I think that is maybe the key, its when your take on the responsibility of yourself and your actions and your just ‘ness’ in life. 

But my thought still are sorta unanswered, Do I feel like an adult?  Not really…. Will I ever?

I will keep you posted. Maybe ask yourself - 'Do you feel like an adult?'

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