3 Feb 2016

Year 24

So the one where I am officially a year older. Its not a earth shaking as 22 was, but now more of an acceptance of my age every year. 

Although as soon as I hit 23 I started forgetting how old I am and not in the ‘haha, I’m forever 21” way but more in “where did I put my keys, I just had it in my hand, oh its still there” kinda way. 

Sad realisation that you just Googled to see how old you really are but reassure to know others in the same year have done the same. 

I realised my body is getting old - I can’t do what I was able to do what feels like only yesterday. I am a lot more picky with what I eat, Not in “i should be healthy” but more in “I know what I like to eat” kinda way .I like to stay in, always really have but now I’m “old” enough and I can use that as an excuse. I no longer feel guilty for putting my needs first. 

Life is short and while E and I realised what we want to do in the next few year, you never know what lays a head. The excitement of the next year is something to look forward to - 25 may cause a bit of a freak out. Lets not think about it Chante'.

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