30 Sep 2015

Setteling In

Today I have been feeling exited. Being in your own little place, living the way you want to live and leaving mess is the life. Only down side is that you are the one who eventually has to clean up and sort all you life little keep safes.

E and I have been keeping our little bits all across Perth - some with us, some with my parents and others with E's parents. Getting everything under one roof, made me realised how much 'shit' we have been collecting over the years.

So I have be sorting, settling and finding a use for everything I feel like "I might use one day".

25 Sep 2015

House Hunting

I don't know if this is the same for everyone but what trouble. E and I are on the process of looking for our own little rabbit hole that we could rent for a bit and dip our toes into the grown up world.

E and I have been talking about out 'future' and what we would to do or achieve in the next few years. 

First on our 'to do ' list was to find a little place to call home - Our home. Somewhere where we could rome free and leave mess until there is hot cutlery left or clean plates (that's over exaggerating). 

This seen all good and well, the only problem it seems is, to get one is hard! The 'market' is good and people are willing to rent there places but it appears to many rental companies will only let you apply for a property if you have physically viewed them yourself or someone on your behalf. Seem reasonable I know but having 'viewing' times during working hours makes it difficult for anyone involved. 

This seems to be a our biggest problem since I just started a new job and still unsure about hours and how far I can temp my luck. 

Will keep you posted 

Keep your fingers crossed!

23 Sep 2015

Instagram - August

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You know what to do @chante_cm11

21 Sep 2015

Outside My Comfort Zone

Lately, I have been reflecting on life, my career life particularly. I quickly came to the conclusion that I live in a lovely bubble of Chante' world, where I hide from things that I do not know.

Since coming back from our lovely Hassie Australian Adventure, I dived right into Nurse Chante' mode and started saving the day. If you have been around for a while you would know I choose to work with the elderly soon after my mum got me to 'try it' 8 years ago.

Now I hear you ask that "Chante' if you choose to work with elderly people why are you reflecting on life?'. Well dear Blogsies I want to be challenged, and pushed to learn new things and working in Aged care for 8 years like I have and becoming the Shift Supervisor, Ward Supervisor and briefly Care Coordinator. I feel like I went as far as I possibility could go and honestly the stress wasn't worth it.

Long story short I am trying something new, something that will push me to my knowledge limits something I currently feel I might not be qualified enough. Which is crazy I know, because I am sure they wouldn't have employed me if I wasn't fit for the job.

I am starting with Silver Chain one of the largest providers of community, clinical and health care services in Western Australia. I have worked with them while in aged care and is so very exited to be working for them.

I am exited, nervous, scared and any other words that can be used to described 'things' but over all I am ready for a new beginning.

I will keep you posted on this new career life I have started as we go along.

18 Sep 2015

Back To Reality

So its official, we have to get back in to the real world of Perth Life! Sitting here looking back at all we have done we are overwhelmed with the emotions and can't deal with the thought that its really over.

At least we are surrounded by our love of family and strange little "town" called Perth City.

Lets hope the next adventure is not to far off. 

16 Sep 2015

Blood Suckers

Since as far as I can remember being in Australia, I wanted to donate blood. Actually, thinking about it now. I wanted to do it for my 16th Birthday but since that was the year I moved from Africa to Australia I never tried.

Well, 7 years later on my Brothers 18th Birthday we went to donate blood. That day Anthony and I saved 6 lives together.  WOOH!

Above that we learned that our blood has a short shelf life - explains why they always need more blood. 

Platelets can be kept for 5 days, Red blood Cells for 42days and Plasma for up to a year. Mind Blown - I don't know about Anthony but I will be going back!


14 Sep 2015

All The BIG Things

One of my Goals for our Hassie Adventure is to visit all the BIG things in Australia. Click on the photo for the induvidual post on that "BIG Thing".

Western Australia

Big Prawn (Exmouth)

The Giant Ram (Wagin)

Leeuwin Way Whale (Eucla)
4 April 2012

South Australia
The Giant Koala (Dadswell Bridge)
6 April 2013

Big Gala (Kimba)

Big Kangaroo (Boarder City)


The BIG Tasmanian Devil (Mole Creek)
17 June 2013
     BIG Penguin (Penguin)
30 June 2013

Big Wickets (Westbury)

Big Whale (Cockle Creek)

Big Platypus (Latrobe)

Big Apple (Sprayton)

Big Lobster (Stanley)

The Spud (Freeway)

Big Coffee Pot (Deloraine)

New South Whales

Big Wine Bottle (Hunter Valley)

Big Bowl (Lake Cathie)

Big Banana (Coffs Harbour)


Hard Rock Cafe Guitar (Gold Cost)

9 Sep 2015

Burswood Weekend

MUM we need to organise a better one, maybe one away!!! NO boy this time (More telling myself)

7 Sep 2015

Hard Rock Cafe' - Queensland

So this is a BIG thing in Australia. Wasn't as exiting as I thought. Maybe if we ever get to go to a Hard Rock Cafe' in America, it could be more exiting.

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