31 Jul 2014

Lola and Carter

E has out done himself this year with getting us the best'est est present EVER!!

I'd like to introduce to you Lola and Carter our 'vintage' bikes. 

I didn't think E knew me as well as he does. He picking the colour, the style and accessories of my choice with out even consulting with me, 10/10 for that my Hassie.

To think about being back on the road, where will they go, blah blah blah.. I kinda don't want to think about it just yet. 

Just enjoying them for what they are... My first bike since I was a little girl. Watch out bicycle world.

29 Jul 2014

Hassie Adventure - Week 43

Our Christmas present has arrive. E said he order something for us and the BIG box and belief me it is super duper big. I'm waiting for him to come home then we will 'build' the...  Guess the next blog would explain what they end up being.

  • Km driven this week: 506
  • Places of interest: None
  • Paid accommodation: None
  • $$spent: $320.59
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 69.36
    • $: $115.34
    • Places:
      • Bicheno

27 Jul 2014

Baking Day


I don't know if it is because this is the first Christmas away from home or its because my Nan and I usually bake cookies at Christmas time, but I thought it would be nice to bake some for everyone at Churinga (the Staff village).

Using the recipe I got from Cradle and halving it, we still backed about 180 cookies. It was a great team effort. Mixing it with our hand and making what felt like 100's of little cookies and waiting for the timers to go off only to put a new pan in with a new batch of cookies. 

They tasted just as yummy as I remembered them and it was worth all the work. Then packing it up and and delivering it to the different house for a smile on their faces. 

I think I might just continue this tradition my Nan and I have and share some sugary love.

25 Jul 2014

Hassie Adventure - Week 42

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas around work. I know the cities would look a lot more like Christmas, but all we have here in little old Coles Bay is the notice on the notice board for the Christmas BBQ. At work there is a few Christmas trees around and the annoying none singalong'able songs that is not the best and ALWAYS gets in your head. 

We aren't required to wear Christmas hats but sure come Christmas Day I'm sure we would have to. 

In have officially posted and/or given out all my Christmas cards. So if you have been nice it would be arriving sometime in the post. 

I am exited about the first Christmas away form home. Already backed some cookies for everyone here at Churinga - keeping some tradition alive.

  • Km driven this week: 530
  • Places of interest: None
  • Paid accommodation: None
  • $$spent: $673.93
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 91.67L
    • $: $147.78
    • Places:
      • Bicheno

23 Jul 2014

Christmas Card List


If you were on the nice list this year you may have received a letter from E and I wishing you a very merry christmas.

If you didn't well there is always next year.

E and I like to spend some snail mail love where possible. I had about 80 Christmas Cards I send off into the wonderful world of letters, including a letter to Santa with our wish list.

I think receiving mail other than bills makes it a lovely surprise. If I do have your address it generally mean I will send you something during the year, when I find myself thinking about you or just a little bored.

If I don't have your address and you like little surprises give me your address someway or another and lets see what happens.

21 Jul 2014

Hassie Adventure - Week 41

What an intense week at work, coffee training and education on local wines. 

I found out a few things on wine I wasn't aware - now lets see what I was told and could remember when I got home to 'write' my notes.

Sweet wines are generally low in alcohol content.  
Chardonnay is kind of Maloney flavored, stone fruits and touch of honey.
Rieslings can vary from sweet to dry.  
Sav Blanc are generally dry, fruity and not to intense, goes well with fish and is full bodied. 
Pinot Grigio highlights all flavors it's a smooth drink with an even taste all around your mouth.    
Pinot Noir lightest of all the reds. Smooth, fruity goes well with savoury foods and almost has a forrest flour taste. 
Merlot goes well with red meats. 
Cab Sav goes well with all flavors. 
Shiraz heaviest red can be smooth at times or very sharp. You taste spices and comes across very dry.
Iced Rieslings or dessert wines a the sweetest of all. They complement cheese plate and softens the taste of blue cheese.

Think this is going to make me an alcoholic - Now that I know which wines to drink when.... Hmm.

  • Km driven this week:378
  • Places of interest: None
  • Paid accommodation: None
  • $$spent: $265.50
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 16.41L
    • $: $26.53
    • Places:
      • Bicheno

19 Jul 2014

Bay Restaurant Dinner


Dinning in at the restaurant you work, makes the experience somewhat deferent. In my opinion I get to enjoy it just a little more. I understand how things are suppose to happen and the reason why they do. I also get to see how clients experience when I am serving them, Its almost like I am reflecting on how I should work. 

We do get to try the food on the menu when it first gets change. Tasting the dishes give us an idea what we are selling but having a whole plate for yourself allows you to be piggish and not feel guilty enjoying it all

We (Wen, Mayu and I) got the seafood platter which is for 2 people but honestly I don't know how 2 can even finish it as the 3 of us had difficulty. It was all so fresh and local we could smell the ocean from it all.

As much as I didn't have space for the platter I ALWAYS have space for dessert and the Brule' is to die for!!! I could honestly swim in it and that is how I was selling them to clients and people agreed with me. YUMMMMM

If you ever find yourself on the East Cost of Tasmania and have dinner at the Bay Resturant HAVE the  Burle'.

17 Jul 2014

Photo A Day - Month 10

For my New Years Resolutions this year I wanted to take a photo of myself for 1 year. I have successfully done this for more than 10 months now and thought I'd share my 10 month's worth of Photo a Day Travel Diary Entry.

Now let me explain what I mean by this. I have created a section on this blog called Daily Photo Travel Diary - This is where you can see all of my Photo a Day photos of myself since we have started our Hassie Adventure. If you want to see all of them to this day Click - Here

For this post click on any photo and it will redirect you to my Tumblr Page where I have been posting a daily diary entry of that day the photo was taken.

This is my 10 month of my Photo a Day photo's and although I did miss days this month, But lets see if you can notice which one?

Click on each photo for that days Diary entry.


15 Jul 2014

Hassie Adventure - Month 10 (Week 40)

It's been about 7 months that we have been in Tasmania and we are still enjoying ourselves. We have seen so much in the time we have been here. Some would say we has seen much more than some local Tasmanians. 

I'm quite proud of seeing what we have and being able tell people about it, especially at work where I can share special spots and treasures with the clients that din in. Looking back at some posts and adventures we have had, makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Some of the things I have written about I can hardly remember and I am glad I took the time to write some of the things down.

During this week I had a lovely surprise from our friends we met on Cradle Mountain.  Calling me up out of the blue and enjoying a lowly cuppa was the highlight of my week! 

In like surprises!!

  • Km driven this week: 382
  • Places of interest:
  • Bicheno food and wine festival
  • Paid accommodation: None
  • $$spent: $166.57
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 60.61L
    • $: $98
    • Places:
      • Bicheno 
Sub total: 
  • Km: 2231
  • $$food & accommodation: $1668.13
  • Gas:
    • Litters filled: 294.68L
    • $: $475.58
    • Different places:
      • Bicheno
      • Tribunna
      • Swansea
      • Hobart

13 Jul 2014

Bicheno Food and Wine Festival


It seems E always have to work just as the weather started warming up here on the east coast. This particular day as I dropped  E off at work and picked Miyuki up, the day became a day of wonder. Skies clearing, nice hot sun just perfect. I'm sorry E...

At this small local little town that is surrounded by all kind of wineries (and some good ones at that). They have a Food and Wine Festival where all the wineries get together and offered everyone a chance to try their goodies. Walking into this beautiful family town environment and enjoying a $4 burger and a nice glass of red all while sitting in the sun with some lovely company, is just what I needed.

On the way home I got a call saying "Surprise!! we are in the area and would like to visit". Heleen and Kuldar who we worked with at Cradle Mountain came to have a quick visit and share the gossip. Talking about all the thing that has happened and the new gossip on the mountain made me miss the beautiful cold mountain. Ooh but I got my fix of my soap opera. 

Was really good seeing them and hope to see them soon again.

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