21 Jul 2014

Hassie Adventure - Week 41

What an intense week at work, coffee training and education on local wines. 

I found out a few things on wine I wasn't aware - now lets see what I was told and could remember when I got home to 'write' my notes.

Sweet wines are generally low in alcohol content.  
Chardonnay is kind of Maloney flavored, stone fruits and touch of honey.
Rieslings can vary from sweet to dry.  
Sav Blanc are generally dry, fruity and not to intense, goes well with fish and is full bodied. 
Pinot Grigio highlights all flavors it's a smooth drink with an even taste all around your mouth.    
Pinot Noir lightest of all the reds. Smooth, fruity goes well with savoury foods and almost has a forrest flour taste. 
Merlot goes well with red meats. 
Cab Sav goes well with all flavors. 
Shiraz heaviest red can be smooth at times or very sharp. You taste spices and comes across very dry.
Iced Rieslings or dessert wines a the sweetest of all. They complement cheese plate and softens the taste of blue cheese.

Think this is going to make me an alcoholic - Now that I know which wines to drink when.... Hmm.

  • Km driven this week:378
  • Places of interest: None
  • Paid accommodation: None
  • $$spent: $265.50
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 16.41L
    • $: $26.53
    • Places:
      • Bicheno

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