15 Jul 2014

Hassie Adventure - Month 10 (Week 40)

It's been about 7 months that we have been in Tasmania and we are still enjoying ourselves. We have seen so much in the time we have been here. Some would say we has seen much more than some local Tasmanians. 

I'm quite proud of seeing what we have and being able tell people about it, especially at work where I can share special spots and treasures with the clients that din in. Looking back at some posts and adventures we have had, makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Some of the things I have written about I can hardly remember and I am glad I took the time to write some of the things down.

During this week I had a lovely surprise from our friends we met on Cradle Mountain.  Calling me up out of the blue and enjoying a lowly cuppa was the highlight of my week! 

In like surprises!!

  • Km driven this week: 382
  • Places of interest:
  • Bicheno food and wine festival
  • Paid accommodation: None
  • $$spent: $166.57
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 60.61L
    • $: $98
    • Places:
      • Bicheno 
Sub total: 
  • Km: 2231
  • $$food & accommodation: $1668.13
  • Gas:
    • Litters filled: 294.68L
    • $: $475.58
    • Different places:
      • Bicheno
      • Tribunna
      • Swansea
      • Hobart

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