19 Jul 2014

Bay Restaurant Dinner


Dinning in at the restaurant you work, makes the experience somewhat deferent. In my opinion I get to enjoy it just a little more. I understand how things are suppose to happen and the reason why they do. I also get to see how clients experience when I am serving them, Its almost like I am reflecting on how I should work. 

We do get to try the food on the menu when it first gets change. Tasting the dishes give us an idea what we are selling but having a whole plate for yourself allows you to be piggish and not feel guilty enjoying it all

We (Wen, Mayu and I) got the seafood platter which is for 2 people but honestly I don't know how 2 can even finish it as the 3 of us had difficulty. It was all so fresh and local we could smell the ocean from it all.

As much as I didn't have space for the platter I ALWAYS have space for dessert and the Brule' is to die for!!! I could honestly swim in it and that is how I was selling them to clients and people agreed with me. YUMMMMM

If you ever find yourself on the East Cost of Tasmania and have dinner at the Bay Resturant HAVE the  Burle'.

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