9 Jul 2014

Boy and Bear


What a surprise it was when we found out Boy and Bear was playing in Hobart and the tickets only cost a few dollars.

As soon as we got our roster for that week and just happened to have those days off we jumped at the chance of going to see them. I might have been so exited that E and I were the first in line, and got to see the two supporting acts.

The second supporting act was so good E and I actually bought their album on the way home. They are called Battleships and I Highly recommend them if you like music.

Seeing a live performance of a band you quite enjoy makes a night so much nicer. Singing along and listening to the songs that they only just released made the drive home straight after worth it.

E and I got home at 3.30am and saw a person in a fully dressed suit trying to get a lift in the middle of nowhere... to me that shouts Murder!!

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