30 Oct 2015

Our New Rabbit Hole

Welcome to our little Rabbit Hole. 

E and I are so exited to have our own little place to call home. It feel like it was a mission to get it and then move all the STUFF we never realised to accumulated over the year.  

E and I have been talking about moving into the hart of the City, being close to our favourite shops, parks and just the convince of being so close to everything.

Saying that while we have been here - I have only moved everything around 100 times, I am still finding our little 'groove' for this space. So maybe in the future I will show you have I moved it again. 

Here is to many wonderfull memories in this Spot.

28 Oct 2015

Boxing Day Catch Ups

Seeing everyone went away for Chrismas this year, E and I jumped in the van for a night or two of Van Life. 

Driving the oh so familiar drive down south, we found a beautiful free spot on the way down. Between some tree and away from trafic noise we got to enjoy the peace and quiet. There was a few other van couples who have made them selves comfortable in the beautiful Western Autralian afternoon skies. 

Having night like these I often miss the Australian adventure of unknown and peace of no noise. 

I'd like to come back to this spot some time soon!!

26 Oct 2015

Christmas Parade

Its that time of the year again, where christmas songs are loud and people are happy and singalong. So it only seems suitable for a a christmas parade with the family. Little mini Alecia being the only little one in our family at the moment, give you the excuse to enjoy and fuss over all the christmas goodness there is to enjoy.

Not only do you have an excuse to go to the christmas parade but you can be silly and wear a paper christmas parse crown and own it.

My favourite holiday is Christmas and not because of presents and the religious means but more and really only because of family. Christmas is big in my family and I love it.

Bring on next years Christmas its only around the corner.

23 Oct 2015

Old Catch Ups

While traveling around the world, you get to meet amazing people along the way. Helen and Kuldar is 2 of the beautiful people how traveled all the way from Astonia and got to enjoy the beautiful world of Australia for 2 years. 

They have been traveling around Australia and made their way back to Perth where we are planning on staying down south for a while before they have to travel back home. 

It's always so lovely to catch up with people we have met along the road. 

Until we get to enjoy their company again!!

21 Oct 2015

Christmas Tree 2014

Its that time of the year again!! Christmas!!

I really just want to document our Christmas tree this year. Anthony away and got me some prayer flags. I found them a lovely addition to our decorations this year. 

19 Oct 2015

Cheese & Beer

I know what your thinking? "Cheese and beer?" I know right, can't be a things. My thought exactly. Saying that I was pleasantly surprised when E and got to experience the flavours of the cheese and how they work with beer.

E knows Jeff from previous jobs and now he owns his own Little Cheese Shop in Bayswater. Beautifully located at just at the train station and really only 4 stops away, I guess you can say we will be over for cheese goodies more often than our budget could manage.

Anyway big off topic then, this night we tried 4 different cheeses paired with beers from a pale ale all the way to a stout. Personally I don't like a beer but I'm always ready to try new things. From all the parings, I enjoyed all the cheese on their own but pared I enjoyed the first 3, with the stout I found it too strong for my taste buds to handle. 

Put our names down for the next tasting Jeff

16 Oct 2015

Date Night

When life gets busy, you ca forget to make time for yourself and others. While E is working long hours and we really only get to enjoy each other for a few hours we try and set some 'Hassie' time aside.

I guess this would be our offical first date night since we have been back in Perth and in our new Hassie home. It was only fitting to go back to our local favourite Jazz Club for one of their many late night sessions.

This particular night it was a Kimbra night changing the songs for a jazz feel. E and I who have been a long listener to Kimbra since your song with Gotey - we have been hooked.

Such a lovely night. Exited for the next one.

14 Oct 2015

Happy Hassie 3

Well 3 Years down and forever to go.

My hassie, I do this every year and you just know how much i like lists and ticking off a test as done. Well Year 3 done. Besides the good old lists you known I love reflecting, looking back at what we have done, what our future holds and if our fights was worth it.

This year I feel like we have grown the most, we have grown up so much since we have been on our Hassie Adventure, that I can’t even imagine how things could have been any different. I love how we are communicating so much more, have the same goals in life - even if we need to explain and convince one or the other, but I love how much we are a team. 

I mean, don’t think we are perfect, just like everything at life YOU NEED TO WORK AT IT and make it work. Well this pass year has worked for us, there has been times where our hearts longed for each other, times I could go insane but honestly I am still filled with so much love for you that I may drown you. 

My hassie, I love you too the moon and back, more than all the stars combined and like I said since day one, I will love you forever, my forages!

Happy Wedding Anniversary.

12 Oct 2015

Extremely Hot

 - Click the photo!! -

9 Oct 2015

E Birthday

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7 Oct 2015

Lola And Carter

Lola & Carter - Click the photo!!

5 Oct 2015


I am trying something new - Click the photo!!

4 Oct 2015

Instagram - September

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